He told me I was a bad mother!!

I had a MD state trooper tell me at 2am last Wednesday that it was illegal for my child to be in the sleeper. I told him that was NOT true at all! I work as a team and my co-driver was sleeping. You have to have one if your kid is under a certain age, usually 5 but depends on the company. He tried to lecture me about being a good mother and I ALMOST lost it right there. My son is VERY well cared for, safe and loved. He ran my license then comes…

Hi beautiful Engle I'm very happy to see you hy pls contact me 0812132563

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Enhance Yourself With Charm

Charm is simply defined as the power or quality of giving delight or arousing admiration. Given it's alluring quality, charm is something that could benefit all of us.

What is the most important quality to possess when trying to win someone over, whether in business or in your personal life? It's charm, the ability to create extraordinary rapport with anyone, and make him or her feel truly exceptional in your…

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You appear to be exteremely charming.
Very impressive.

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Where the heck do you sleep?!

I notice more and more states are shutting down lots more rest stops to cut costs, which forces us to park in empty parking lots or on the side of interstates to get some sleep. Where do you all park your truck? Do you guys think this will ever get any better?! I am annoyed!

Yes you can make it better. Get Trucker Path. App and learn to remember areas where you have pi CV ked up and delivered. If you…

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Yeah....can't explain this one.

I was driving back home around 3 in the morning and I had not seen my family for over 4 weeks so I decided to take a short cut through some pretty isolated back roads that I didn’t know too well. It was literally in the middle of NOWHERE but I figured if it got me home faster it would be worth it.

So I get to this part of the road with all of these old creepy trees on the side. I hadn't seen a house or anything in hours, it was just miles and…

Können Sie empfehlen Medikamente für Furz und Durchfall?

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I am so lonely

How does everyone here deal with being away from your families? My husband is gone so much out on long hauls that I feel like our kids are growing up without him. I know he is out there making money for us, but it's fricken HARD being a truck driver's wife. Most of the time I feel like a single parent.

Y para ti te crees con el derecho de hablar de nuesto padte sin. Saber lo inxogbito de t

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She turned me in!!!

I was driving along interstate 10 doing a haul when I realized REAL fast that there was construction and I needed to get off pretty quickly. The next exit was on the left and I was all the way over like I should be, so I signaled and moved over. This woman in a minivan all of a sudden starts blaring her horn again and again. She was a good few 10 feet behind me and must have thought I cut her off but I swear I didn’t. An hour later my boss calls…

Yes you can but shouldn't. I was a supervisor for a fleet of light commercial; vehicles doing route work. We often drove slowly…

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He flipped out on me

My truck broke down last week and the supervisor shows up and tells me it’s MY fault because I did not do a good enough pre-trip. What happened was my other idiot supervisor strapped down a tire onto the catwalk and the strap broke, wrapped around my driveline and then tore up all my airlines. I told her it wasn’t me that did that. She then FLIPS out on me gets in my face and says that she doesn't need my attitude WHAT?!!!. The whole time I tried…

That sounds awful and I hate that you had to go through that ordeal. If you are fired, you can get back in the saddle somewhere…

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He went through my personal belongings!!

Last week after passing the scale I was pulled over for a DOT inspection. Figured it was routine when the officer asked if could see the inside of my truck. I got nothing to hide so I said sure. I was not carrying anything I shouldn't, but all of a sudden he starts rifling through my stuff and finds a large plastic cooking knife that was next to a spatula and some seasonings under my seat. I have a microwave in the back and sometimes I cook stuff…


I think I will keep working for myself, and let my action do my talking for me. As a builder of Billboards, and several…

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He forced me to back up!!

First day of class was this past Saturday. We got thrown in the fire without any knowledge of how to back. The instructor showed us once and that was it. Then he expects us all to do it perfectly. I hit like 10 cones and felt like an ass, but a buddy of mine actually backed the truck straight into a ditch. Why they even had the truck anywhere near a ditch I have no clue. The instructor turned red and I really thought he was going to kill…

Man oh man situations like this makes me glad my father drove rig. I hear all kinds of wierd stories like this. That instructor is…

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A #stressful #AtlanticTrafficSolutions day

Doing night work with the person that I enjoyed working with the most Cody

Thanks for your job updates

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Drama at #CatalinaExpress

I maintained calm and provided all available options.

How did it help the situation to present all available options? Were you able to resolve the conflict?

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