The Power of Transferable Skills

When I was preparing for a #CareerChange, I was nervous because I felt as though I didn't have enough relevant experience for my desired role. Luckily, I realized the tremendous amount of transferable skills I had learned from my internships and many years in the hospitality industry. Transferable skills are innate skills that are non-job specific and can be used across any occupation. Many are commonly known as soft skills, and they include…

Hi Elyssa Duncan these are fantastic tips! I think the one I loved best was that you need to craft your story. What good is simply…

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Do interviews freak you out?

It can feel a little difficult to prepare for an interview when you are not sure what to expect.

In this 1 minute video produced by one of our talented interns Rachel Swansburg real Jobcase employees share their interview tips with you!

Make sure to watch the video so you feel more confident and prepared before your next interview.

So tell us, did we miss anything?

What are some interview tips that have worked well for you in the past?


Do not FART!

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New job search & selling current skills

I was recently fired from my job over a genuine misunderstanding and am feeling at a loss on what to do now. I worked there too long to exclude it from my resume, how is that gap going to look to new potential employers? I don't know how I am going to explain this. I'm so worried my lack of impressive experience and references are really going to make it difficult for me to find a new job. I want to take on a better position than my past but find…

 As an HR manager, I can tell you one of the biggest red flags for me when reviewing a resume is a gap in employment. Not leave
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