#TheDrawingsofEaster. Since today is #EasterSunday, I’d thought I’d draw a #bunny #rabbit. I did all of the #drawing in #ink, except for the brown colored #pencil that I used for the eyes. #Easter #bunnyrabbit #EasterBunny #whiterabbit


I am not looking for a new job for myself but I work with staffing companies to help them share their open jobs with Jobcase. Most of the staffing companies I'm speaking with are not hiring or are not hiring very many people in January.

But from what I am reading online, it seems January is a great time for job search -- this made me think of the Jobcase community:

If you are actively job searching how are you managing your search? Are... see more

I work at 2 factories and know that most shut down for 2 weeks between Christmas and New Year's. We are still... see more

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#TheDrawingsofEaster I did a drawing of a single #cherryblossom that was based on a recent photo I took of those trees when they were in full bloom. (The blossoms have fallen off now and they are being replaced by regular foliage.) I decided to try doing a close-up of just one blossom that was similar to a project I once did when I took a drawing class at a local community college a few years ago. (We were required to look closely at an object... see more


Very pretty, I love the pink. I hope you have a wonderful holiday Kimberly Keyes !

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Ashley Wilson Thank you!

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#TheDrawingsofEaster I did a drawing of these hashtag#purple hashtag#flowers based on a photo I took when I visited the National Arboretum in Washington, DC in the hashtag#spring a few years ago. hashtag#ink hashtag#drawing


#TheDrawingsofEaster : Today I decided to do some #fanart dedicated to #Anna from the #Disney movie #Frozen. I decided to draw her because I remember from the movie the scene where Anna does something heroic that breaks Elsa winter spell (which Elsa casted by accident—she had difficulty in controlling the powers that she has had since either from birth or when she was a very young child) and the entire kingdom of Ardinelle immediately reverts to... see more


Hi Kimberly Keyes so nice to hear from you!! Love this movie ; ) great job!

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