What made you do this.....

Hi friends! I was just wondering if you could please do me a tiny favor. It would be so deeply appreciated : )

I am wondering two things:

1- Why did you decide to join Jobcase?

2- What are your favorite parts of the site?

Some members enjoy how easy it is to search for a job.
Others just love the interaction and support they receive in the community.

Tell me what YOU love!

Thank you <3

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Good Morning Ashley Wilson, actually, I joined strictly by accident. I stumbled across this site during my extensive job search…

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Career-Switching Tips

Career switching is becoming a choice for many different people for a number of different reasons. For some, it is because they have been in the same career for most of their professional life and they are bored or find that they are stagnant and have no where to grown any further; they are at a dead end. Others may find that their chosen career isn't what they thought it would be and it doesn't bring them the happiness and…


thank I ready my work

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Happy to be back

I’m a mailman for the USPS and due to a family emergency I had to take some time off work. On my first day back I ended up running into one of the people on my route and he asked politely what happened. I explained and then had to say goodbye to get back to my route. The very next day he met me out by my truck with a basket full of fruit and gift cards and everything else. I was so taken back by his kindness and thoughtfulness for me and my…

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Thanks for sharing and showing proof there are still some great folks in this world. Welcome back. And thanks for getting us our…

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Caregiving for a family member on a resume??

I have a family member that has been a caregiver for her ill father for almost 5 years, but now she is trying to get back into the workforce because she hired someone else to help out. She would cook, clean, do laundry, help him around the house, and run errands because he has trouble getting around and cannot leave the house. My question is would her caregiving experience count as valid work experience on a resume even though it was for a family…

I was a caregiver for two parents. One was for four years and the other for 10. During that time, I took graduate classes about…

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Networking with Coloradans

Please #help me connect with other like-minded #Colorado networking professionals helping small organizations with #entrepreneurial spirit in the areas of #ProjectManagement, #Finance, #Analytics, #Construction, and #AmericanCommonLaw - Please contact me via my profile here. #ThankYou !!

This is a great idea john-jesse-jr. :bautista ! You can also search for people on Jobcase by location by clicking here . Hope this…

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Got an offer!

After looking since mid September, when I quit my job, I got an offer today that I will accept. There were days I didn't even want to get out of bed. I was depressed some days and seriously wondered if I had done the right thing. But I kept flooding the market with applications and it finally paid off.
If you are still looking keep up the fight. Continue to tweak you resume for each job and also include a cover letter if you can. Also, so…

Thanks for your encouragement. I will keep trying.

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teaching jobs

    Dear Tricia Hendrix,

 Thank you so much for the website information.

                                                   All the best,
                                                   Liz Brand
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Elizabeth Brand I was an educator so please feel free to send me a message if I can help as well!

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Did you forget to say thank you?!!

This is the week of being thankful, which brings us to the topic of thank you’s! If you have had an interview recently you might be wondering HOW you should thank them. While most people prefer to send an email (which is great), mailing a handwritten note could take your thank you to the next level! Here’s why…

1- Sending a handwritten thank you card delivers a special meaning, which is important if you want to make an impression.

2- Mailing…

Job seeker

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Phone interview

Ok fellow jobcasers i have a question. Today I had a phone interview and I want to know if it is appropriate to send a thank you email or is that being to pushy and should be sent only after a person to person interview? Please some of you who have HR experience tell me what is correct,or should I just leave it alone.

I would just like everyone to know that I received an email to come in for a face to face interview today!!!!!

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A Quick Thank You

In the few weeks since I have joined the Jobcase community, I have received a number of referral posts from other members of this community pointing me to jobs of interest, and I just want to take a minute to say thank you to all of you. I have been very encouraged by the spirit I see operating in the posts and comments as people sometimes bare their hearts and are comforted by the community of people who really care. I am proud to be a member of…

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Good job to everybody. Keep up the good conversation.

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Remember to "Send Thank you letter for interview"

I learned that one from a career coach. Send out Thank you for interviewing me letter, a couple days later after interview. It helps let them know your still interested and if you weren't the fit for the position now who knows about later.

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Very important, a person with a past of good work ethic. I'm done!:)

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