we wouldn’t argue we would simply figured out what was the problem and handled the situation

Stephanie Land has been among the 40,000,000 Americans who rely on SNAP to strive to feed their family. She navigated cleaning houses, 7 govt support programs, abusive relationships. She powered through days with hard work and kept her heart focused on the stars with love for her daughter and determination for a brighter future. And she triumphed! Through online and night classes she became a great writer. And as of 2019 a best selling... see more

Barbara Ehrenreich (who wrote the forward to Maid) has an outstanding book called Nickel and Dimed from 1998 that's... see more

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What i loved about working at tesla was my days went by really fast

Don't expect a good job.even though you deserve it.


My coworkers

Anyone within the San Francisco, CA Bay Area interested in a Production job with Tesla?

Production Associates general responsibilities basically involve the construction and assembly of Tesla vehicles. This is an entry level job opportunity offering excellent starting pay, benefits, and career progression.

Just add a comment onto this conversation and I'll let you know how you can connect with a Tesla Hiring Manager for an interview.

Also... see more


interested pls more info

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Tesla is hiring Energy Installers of all levels and Licensed Electricians throughout the Los Angeles, CA area on Saturday, December 7.

Apply online to be considered!

If selected, a confirmation time and specific location details will be included in your official email invite where you will have an opportunity to conduct an interview with a Tesla hiring manager.

Please follow the link below to begin your online application today!

Tesla Energy... see more

I'd like to have a full time as a driver but what's the pay rate

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Tesla Motors is hiring Energy Installers of all levels throughout the Vista and San Diego area to join their Energy Field Operations team!

The company is hosting a on Saturday, November 9 in San Diego, CA. At this event, you will get the opportunity to learn more about Tesla, the current job opportunities available and conduct an interview with a hiring manager.

Please apply online to be considered. If selected, a confirmation time and... see more

congrats I am very Glad all brother and sister they makes social operation ( you're welcome thank all )

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Tesla Energy Operations is hosting a Solar Installer 7 Electrician Hiring Event in Orlando, Fl this Saturday, September 21, from 9:30a - 11:30a by invitation only.

Job opportunities include (Solar Installer, Sr. Solar Installer and Electrician). If you are interested in one or more of the these employment opportunities, please submit your application no later than Wednesday, September 18th for consideration, as space is limited and on a... see more

These are incredible opportunities to get into a field that is just going to continue to expand as the need for... see more

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When safety was taking as a joke, the only time we had all our equipment completed repair was when we had to call OSHA, and when they didn’t change the shuttle bus when they to make us wait up to 3 1/2 to take the bus back, and when they made workers work underbad condition, and who ever complained pretty much was on the bad side of management, but they had have improved a little, I still got a lot of coworkers that work at tesla and they still... see more

Sorry to hear it did not go well for you humberto camarillo !

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Believe that there was place to grow within the company, and I think tesla it’s off track on fallowing there original goal.

What do you mean that they are not off track on their original goal humberto camarillo ?

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Matt Bornhorst ones you work there it’s feels like it’s just a corporation, like they don’t care about there... see more

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