i got fired!!!!

my employer let me go after I caught pneumonia helping them. they lost their contract with the company I work for. it's amazing how I'm not no good any more after I get sick. I have all paperwork and they won't even talk to me. I damn near died trying to do a job that is for two or three ppl. it was cold asf. But guess what God is Great. BELIEVE THAT... Got a call from GEORGIA TECH I EILL BE ON WITH THEM. THANK U JESUS. AND GOD. TO ANYONE KEEP…

Blessings to you

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Is't for real

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Help Me...I'm Lost

Ok... but what if they fired you in person but on your separation letter it's say you quit but you got fired..But now you work back for the same people who fired you at first time....But once you quit or get fired you can't work for the city of Memphis no more so I'm lost....

Yes you are just a bit confused. If you quit a job you can always return as long as you leave according to the policy. People quit…

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Terminated as well

I need some advise regarding termination as well. I am a widow of 19 months; my husband (soulmate) passed away unexpectedly in April 2017. By September of 2017, I took short term disability to work through my grief and try to figure out what was also wrong with my right knee. I got cortisone shots for the knee, and a 3 shot series of glucosamine to try to help. I went back to work in January of 2018, walking with a cane. I ended up tearing my…

Be honest and open. Keep your head up and keep your energy positive. And congrats on the book

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How to disclose a termination during an interview?

I'm an honest person and I know this question will come up. How do you disclose this information?

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The best scenario is to have a supervisor vouch for your 'wrongful' termination. Another loop, is to explain that you were…

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I got denied permanent

I work temp at my job for 9 months got offered permanent and went through the background and drug screen. I got the results and the welcome letter stating my results were favorable. Two days later they called me in and fired me, stating I failed my drug screen. Yet I have the results... everything was negative. When I asked why they resulted negative and sent me my new hire paperwork they said .because they were hoping it was negative! I have…

My situation was similar, I didn't get fired. By not renewing my contract, they in essence laid me off. At least I could get…

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Wrongful termination

I worked for asplundh tree expert company for four days shy of 15 years.two utility companies that we worked for in this area were or are going to merge. Kansas City power & light do not utilize the Union work planners. so what Asplundh does is brings in one of those subsidiary companies and then a bunch of freshly graduated high school or college kids seasonal end up doing the work planners spot.
Okay now for the wrongful termination.
I was…

File it brother file it you have every right

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Wrongful termination?

I was terminated from my job, the reason that was given to me? For borrowing a packing tape gun from work, considered company property, and not notifying my manager, although I did notify 1-2 other employees. During the year of 2018 I had received many write ups for unnecessary situations, I had even reported my manager to the business abuse hotline for a hostile work environment. My manager had expressed comments about wanting to “fire” me and…

Not trying to play the Devil's advocate here but if your company has a zero tolerance policy on theft they are in the right for…

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I work by butt off at my job and they decided to call me December 31,2018 on my way home from a family trip to my hometown to see my family. The office lady as the balls to calls me and tell me I’m fired and couldn’t give me a real reason. Just tells me they have to let me go. I worked my butt off to make sure that all my customers left with what they needed or came for. I always helped in any department they needed. I worked for Harley Davidson…

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It isn’t fair working in an “at will” state. They don’t have to give you a reason. I’ve had a situation where they wanted a…

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I was called today and told I was terminated. Their reason was untrue and I mentioned that there were two sides to the story, they didn't even want to hear me, nor did they even ask me. Sad sad sad, when they are always saying what a great employee you are then out of the clear blue sky they can you. Sounds fishy to me.

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Hi Robin Robinson - that is awful! I am sorry to hear about that. Check out this conversation for some advice on how to explain…

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I got terminated

I work at fleet farm for 60 days and my car broke down and I had to take a Lyft to work I got sick at work and I was sent home and I was a couple minutes late . The lady in HR and the Ass.Manger told me I was absent 10 but that not true so i tell my new job that I work there

Hi Charlene Smith - i am sorry to here that. Check out this conversation for some advice on how to handle being fired and how to…

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