The At Will Employment law is unfair.

It isn't fair for anyone to be able to fire someone for no reason.
There are a lot of wonderful people who have sorely suffered because of that law, and now it's time to make a change!

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I was just descriminated against at Tacobell here in Nashville

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Pissed Off!!!

I am a hard working individual, I have excellent references. I am a fast learner also, I am 56, relocated to a different area and have not found a steady job. I work as a substitute teacher and am an Uber driver. I got hired as a certified assistant in which I have a degree as well as being certified. And for the first time in my life I got fired... what the heck!! I didn't do anything wrong. I have been in this area due to family and I am…

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I need opinions

I was fired for letting a team member push me n punch me in the face n black my eye. After me steping back from the situation n calling my superintendent which i was a supervisor. The team member approach me twice the 2nd time she push n punch me. My reaction i charged at her but i never put hands on her. I was fired for violence at work. I was told i should have walk away. Which i step away from the situation but i guess not farther enough for…

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I was fired !

I was let go because my GM didn’t like me and over 35 employees left the company in less than 2 years. He was vulgar and had zero sympathy for sick employees. I had enough pipeline to make my quota but he took advantage of my slow excelleration and terminated me.

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I was wrongfully fired also

Hello I'm 60 yrs old. I have 16 yrs as a medical assistant. I still had a 17 yr old to finish school. I was so close to retireing. Pay was $17.00 per hour. I never was late or call in unless an emergency or sick. I was picked on by the manager she had called HR on me cause she wanted to know why I wasn't smiling,I was accused of bulking, suspended without pay,stripped from my medical assistant duties an moved in another area with a different…

I left a similar situation. Once my unit director left, I was the target. One nurse broke HIPPA but still has a job. I was accused…

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Wrongful termination

I have had a boot on my foot for the last 4 weeks. Just got it off Monday. My job told me I couldn't work with the boot come back when it's off. Ok I call my boss to let her know I'm good to go. Silence on the phone a few seconds and then she told me they terminated me because she didn't know where and what happened to me. Really I'm losing everything my home job I can't believe this is happening. Please help me on what I can do

Wow You dont have the foult. This is something you have to consult with an attorney but is very wrong. God bless you

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Wonders never cease

I worked at a hospital in northern Virginia. My job was to be in the front lobby and greet patients and visitors when they entered the hospital and find out their destination. After I found out their destination I would escort or wheel their wheelchair to their destination. I had to stand for 40 hours a week. I developed swollen legs and feet from the standing and then the pinched nerve in my lower back started hurting. At one point I almost…

Wouldn't a simple chair fix this situation? We all have abilities and disabilities. If you are having trouble seeing get glasses…

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Rebecca Siebert They told me sitting looks bad Guess they were more into appearances than the welfare of an employee.

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Mr. Saveena

I was actually fired as well. It was back in March of 2014. I felt it was totally unfair the reason they terminated me. So my mom had passed away in February of 2014. I was still going to work but obviously I had allot on my mind. Well while I was screening a customer, I didn't realize that I let him through but one of the questions I misunderstood and I was dinged for it. So my supervisor has a talk with me so that was a verbal warning. Now for…

got fired for not meeting management greedy expectation

#help got fired as a caregiver did not agree with the management expectation to stay overnight without overtime pay.. they require me to show up work friday night but only get paid saturday at 8a.mto10pm as a DDS caregivet.


Got fired after 18 years for no reson I'm devastated

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Hi Mary Straub - can you give us some more information? What were you doing before you got fired? Why were you fired? Do you want…

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