Mad as hell

I started a new job and I put my other job off called out and everything only to be fired by the new job for making a mistake on my 2cd day of training. On top of that they let me go through a text message. The mistake was helping another server close a table and the wrong table got closed out and she tried to make me pay the balance I dont think so.

Where did you work if you dont mind me asking. That sounds redundant it's an honest mistake. Happens to the best of us. I worked…

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Enhance Yourself With Charm

Charm is simply defined as the power or quality of giving delight or arousing admiration. Given it's alluring quality, charm is something that could benefit all of us.

What is the most important quality to possess when trying to win someone over, whether in business or in your personal life? It's charm, the ability to create extraordinary rapport with anyone, and make him or her feel truly exceptional in your…

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You appear to be exteremely charming.
Very impressive.

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Disheartened and so sad

Hey Everyone I was let go Friday from my Medical Coder position with BSW... They trained me in something new and I was trying to learn that new coding. I have never coded for Primary care with Preventive and Annual Well Visits before this and my previous experience does not include such experience.

I tried my best to learn it and initially caught on real quick to the coding processes, but my best was not good enough... I only asked questions…

          .   y.            
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Unemployed after 28 years

I was employed by the same employer for 28 years but a new manager came in a year ago and put new phone criteria in place stating that we customer service reps had to take an average of 60 calls per day during the week. I could only get my call average up to 57-60. I worked as hard as I could, even skipping breaks and starting work early to get extra calls. I was fired two months ago for being a few calls short. We were paid well and now I'm…

Try some of the WAH sites lots of major corporations hire WAH there is a Facebook group Virtual Workers of America check it out…

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Thought it was the right Job- Now I'm trying to get back at searching for a job again

Hey Everyone, Long story, I was unemployed for 6 months and a job came through right at the end. I thought it was the right job. Location was not long to commute, and the pay was great. I was trained a short amount of time and I took good notes and made my own spreadsheets that consisted of the notes that I take with step by step instructions. I even made examples of the adjustments I was required to make as part of my work. Things were going…

If they waited till the 84th day to what they thought was wrong I would put the onus on them. I had a similar experience…

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Terminated after 8 months...

End of December 2018, I applied for a PT job as an In-store sales associate.
I got the job and started the beginning of January 2019. Fast forward to yesterday August 9, 2019, I was TERMINATED!!! The letter of termination stated that I was hired in January on a TEMPORARY basis. In April, I was offered a full-time position as a delivery driver due to someone else being terminated for excessive tardiness. At the time, I declined the FT position…

File for unemployment and shake this off, start looking for a new job.

I think the lesson may be that ALL companies are in…

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Terminated, With No Explanation

Hey guys, so here recently I was let go with no explanation.. Not even a call or text, they just deactivated my key.. An this usually happens, due to technical error. So i’ll just have security buzz me in like usual, well that day in particular.. The security gaurd was like sorry, can’t do that. I smelt something fishy right then, but laughed it off and jokingly said.. “Okay, i guess i’m fired” He looked away from me, and didn’t respond. So I…

Wow. That is really interesting. If they never officially terminate you, I would certainly get legal advice. While at will…

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I got fired

I got fired for not signing the paper saying I didn't a knowledge somebody as
my boss

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I was fired for a rule I was never told about. Walmart fired me for parking in the customer parking lot. The employee one was…

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Jobless again

Well. I at least worked for a week. I guess I didn't cut it as fast as they wanted me too. The A/P supervisor told me last Friday that she wanted me to work as fast as the others who have been there a while. Meanwhile I told her and my Recruiter that Ithe only A/P was in expense not merchandise but they insisted it was easy. Oh well! I am 66 and I know I am not washed up .

Hi @EleasePatterson,

I’m so sorry to hear that your most recent job didn’t work out. But, I love your positive attitude, don’t…

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I was assaulted, then terminated

So, yes, as bad as it sounds, this actually happened.
I was employed a little over a month for a hotel, (privately owned), where the working conditions were not great by any means, but I was getting more than my share of hours so I wasn't gong to complain.
A little insight, I would arrive for my shift 7:30am and work straight through until 7pm most days, no breaks, no days off, no joke.
On top of this, although I had completed all necessary…

you need a lawyer and please use him

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Bullying in Healthcare

I was terminated after 17 1/2 years of working for a hospital that I considered my Alma mater. Unknowingly to me I was working with women who were jealous of my skills to do my job. Because I wouldn't cave to their bullying. They got together to create lies about me that they went to the manager and HR.
I was never given the chance to grieve the lies that were told on me before being terminated.
I was devastated and broken by a system that I…

the same thing happened to me. Once I was over being upset, the blessings flowed. Trust that God's plan for you was not to work…

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