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What I loved working at #AerofilTechnologies

I loved everything about it. My bosses, my co-workers, the location, but most of all the real sense of family that you just don't get at most jobs.

Feeling like you have a family dynamic at work is definitely rare. I would hold on to that workplace! Thanks for sharing Nicholas

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A #stressful #Deeelectronics day

Having to bag 400 inverter kits in a short period of time, and package them all also


A #stressful #Deeelectronics day

Having to bag 400 inverter kits in a short period of time, and package them all also

What I loved working at #Deeelectronics

I like working around electronics

What I loved about working at #Prostar was

I don't its just a job to have they work you to hard with less pay not a good one i can say that

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Work at home for Amazon or kelly im a business oriented guy i dont wanna make little pay just to get by i want to go further in a…

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Soft vs Technical questions in an IT support interview

what I have seemed to notice is that most of the soft questions are generally the same. But when it comes to the technical questions, this differs widely. I have done about 4 interviews since my layoff, all for different types of IT Support positions and the technical questions were all different so they were not that easy to prepare for them from one interview to the next. But I think for the technical questions they don't want to hear a…

I think that is pretty common in most fields Joseph Leibu . The questions will always vary. How do you feel you answered those…

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Ashley Wilson I always feel like I do well but for some reason I don't get the position.

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Keep Fluff Out Of Your Resume

Your resume is the most important tool to have when looking for most jobs. It must be as close to flawless as possible otherwise, you won't get a chance for that face-to-face interview to let potential employers know why you are the person they should hire. To make sure your resume is in good shape, here are some details you may choose not to include in it.

1.) Photos

Unless requested or depending on the industry…


Hard to tell what who wants in a resume because someone may want mountains of information in an application while this suggests…

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Patrick Coppedge

Never really understood the concept of excluding personal photo from the resume:

  • 1.) Photos


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The times, they are a'changing...

In today's modern tech world, becoming acquainted with the many ways to put your best foot forward with updating a resume and getting it to as many places as possible with little effort is one of the best things a job-seeking individual can do. It once took so much more time to apply for employment with just one company and with the ability to do once what you used to have to repeat over and over again is a wonderful way of making the best of…

You're so right Ashley Mairs ! New advances in recruiting technology mean that you can spend less time entering forms and more…

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Having to fill in for an absent worker,in a department that
wasn't normaly one that I worked in.

So sorry to hear that, hopefully there aren't many days like that Paul Varga

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The things that would have improved my job @ #SamsungElectronicsCoLtd are

Everything was interesting. I learning a lot of . I need more time to improved my job because The SamsungElectronicsCoLtd big company , they alway update new processing.

That sounds like a very good job Thi Thanh Tam Phan ! How long did you work there? Do you still work there?

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