Target stores nationwide plan to hire up to 130,000 Team Members for the Holidays. In-store and distribution center employment opportunities are now available.

Sound like fun? Here's how to apply... click on the link below to access Target's career website then look at the full list of available positions in your area to learn more and apply now or anytime you want. Or, stop by your local store or distribution center over the next couple of... see more

I'm very eager to start working part time after school, and I'm even walking distance from the store.

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Personal Traits Sought By Employers

Employers are requiring more of their employees today in a technologically fast paced world. Employees must be able to not only adapt and thrive to an ever-changing world, but also must possess many skills and traits that will showcase and make them stand out from the crowd when job searching.

A resume must not only show potential employers a wide array of skills, work experience, accomplishments, but also... see more


Everything absolutely wonderful

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Okay, so I scheduled a interview with the local target, the hr person, seemed very nice, had my interview, for what I thought was not a seasonal, position, 30 to 40 hrs a week, and I am not even home and I get a text message from them,that they are not interested, good luck with your future endeavors, and we will keep your application and resume on file, !! Wtf, I am thinking ageism, looking for a certain type of person, maybe I have been... see more

Me 2. They haved rejected me twice basically right after i interviewed i got the email even for seasonal and them... see more

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I applied at target , called me in for a interview passed it like nothing ,offered me a second interview with their boss ,but now a days they use technology to type in everything but I feel like they don’t type in what you say but In their own words which is unprofessional especially if ima speak to their boss it’s a one and one interview not a one & 3 and honestly it was hard to talk to 2 when your losing all eye contact , I’m a manager myself... see more

I'm sorry your interview didn't go as expected, Biridiana Franco ! Let's find you a job that will suit you better... see more

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Management treats all employees as equals and with respect. Everyone worked good as a team

That's great to hear Angie Martin ! Thank you for sharing with us.

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So... I have an interview tomorrow with Target. I have a family vacation planned this upcoming week.. so wouldn't be able to start til 2 Mondays from now. Will this lessen my chances of hire? Do they only hire seasonal employees if they're available immediately?

Hi Morgana Jones

I think this will be dependent on the employer's discretion. My advice would be to be upfront... see more

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Actually, I'm still employed with Target and the experience up until now has been quite pleasant. When I started with Target in October of 2012, I was brought on as a seasonal employee and received two promotions in just under my first two years. They do enjoy promoting from within and I humbly appreciate it.

We have unfortunately had six different store managers at my location which of course has brought pros & cons to the workplace.
As of... see more

Hi scott bjurling

Thank you for sharing your story with us! It's great to hear that you've enjoyed your time thus... see more

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The next Target National Hiring Days are happening Friday, October 11 thru Sunday, October 13. Save these dates and make you way over to your local Target store between 10a - 6p for an On-The-Spot-Interview!!
Target National Hiring Days Application

How u get on there

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Rochelle Thomas By looking up on your phone or computer where is your nearest Target and finding a way to attend.

... see more

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I have worked at Target as a price change I work in receiving the Target on Midlothian

Hi Catherine Carter - what do you mean by a price change? How did you get started working at Target?

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Kohl's National Hiring Day is happening Saturday, October 5th. Walk into any Kohl's retail or distribution location for an On-The-Spot Interview.

The companies goal is to hire up to 5,000 new Associates in just one day so verbal job offers will be made, in some cases, on the spot.
Kohl's National Hiring Day Application


When you come to the states I would love to distribute your product

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3101 Donnell Dr, District Heights, MD 20747

What jobs hiring on thw spot but o don't have no experience

Hi Shannice Harris , go to the companies employment webpage and search for Team Member job openings.

You can also... see more

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