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My super power at #Tacobell was... i was an awesome dedicated hardworking employee

I was a loyal employee for 4 years at the ephrata tacobell. I started out at the bottom and worked my way up the ladder from crew to team trainer to manager i would have climbed higher if it hadnt been for me having to move to a new location. I met some incredible people while working there and it was just an awesome expierance

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I would recommend someone to work at #TacoBell because

It’s a good job to start off with

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Penny Jackson > Taco Bell Network
about 1 month ago

You are NOT too good for this!

I worked at Taco Bell when I was 17 and all I could think at first was, I am too good for this and that fast food is not a real job. I know a lot of us feel this way about certain professions and things that we do. Then I realized I was wrong. It's so important to be willing to learn anything and recognize that there is no task that you are “too good” to do. One of my first shift managers shared this with me after explaining that he lost...

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Lynda Koch
4 days ago

Wow, you have a great insight into being grateful. However, I help people to Own Their Future. It's important to know how to...

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A typical work day at #TacoBell was

Busy. Especially around 3am because I worked 3rds

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My super power at #TacoBell was...

I was always the person that kept the whole restaurant clean

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Matt B.
9 days ago

Thank you for keeping it clean! Walking into a restaurant and it being dirty is a bad look, and keeping it clean keeps your...

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Shakarah Owens
9 days ago

Thanks I know how to keep a costumer happy

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Dogs have to eat too right?

Once a week one of our regulars would come to Taco Bell through the drive-thru. He ordered himself a taco salad with chicken and two beef hard shell tacos no cheese or vegetables or spices. Basically meat, haha. He would then put them down on the floor and let his dog Frankie enjoy the tacos. He wasn't the dog in the picture but looked very similar. A pug I think! We liked seeing Frankie each week. Is it bad I don't even know the guy's name??...

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Wayne Garrison
12 days ago

Yo Quiero Taco Bell! Oh man!! Anyone remember those commercials?????!!!

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Ashley W.
12 days ago

I remember them!! It always made me want Taco Bell ; )

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Gwen Burton > All Jobcasers
23 days ago

What I loved working at #TacoBell

When I first started everyone of the crew members we're like family no matter what. We all worked so well together, no matter the situation.

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Marcus Gardner > Taco Bell Network
about 2 months ago

Taco Bell offering FREE college classes!

I see a lot of people on here wanting to go back to school. Well, Taco Bell is offering a free education to employees if they want one. Workers will now have access to more than 2,000 classes and programs in their pursuit of an undergraduate or graduate degrees, college-level education, a GED, or mastery of English as a second language. You can read more about that and the details here...

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Lisa McLean
about 1 month ago

Is this only for employees of Toco Bell

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Alanna Cuevas
26 days ago

Yo estoy interesada

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Company placeholder
Taco Bell
850 Nissan Dr, Smyrna, TN 371674447

I think I already applied please call me I need the job asap!

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