I made some great relationships with my customers. I also made some great and life long friendships with my co workers.

Hello fellow Jobcasers! A few months ago I was contacted to participate in a feature article about Jobcase for Forbes magazine! It was an honor being able to represent for Jobcase, and talk about my personal challenges, struggles, and how Jobcase helped me make a better life for myself. My wish is that everyone here will have a positive experience while you navigate the job market. This is a powerful community, so be sure to make the most of it... see more

Yay Sasha. Sharing with you about how difficult it has been seeking employment has truly lifted my spirits, thanks.

... see more
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Owner of company retired

I owned thumbs Construction

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T.mobile is the big company,
My freinds are working,and my wife can work
Two years we liked is the best campany in the world

Glad you liked it there!

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There are large campony in the t mobil

Just looking for a part time job courtesy clerk at safeway

Hi Michael Bagaw ! To find a Safeway clerk job in your area, follow these steps:

  1. Click on “Jobs & Companies” at... see more
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Getting to learn a lot of operatoning systems and the people.

Never had an incident I'm kind of an easy going guy did my job with a smile and in the 25 years I work there I can say that's pretty good!

That's great! Thanks for sharing Richard Blanco

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Just be patient don't stress on traffic and just do your job.

Thanks for sharing your advice Richard Blanco !

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Just working for the little pay that I had but still it was a job I appreciate it never complain just did my job.

Thanks for sharing! Richard Blanco

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Never had an incident I'm kind of an easy going guy did my job with a smile

That's great news Richard Blanco - thanks for sharing with us in the community.

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