I didn't have any mistake because our worh had plan and was routine

When you’re out there in today’s market trying to find employment you’re oblivious to others looking right along side of you. It can be intense, frustrating and depressing. Especially when you have a family to care for and bills to pay.

I find stepping back, re-evaluating your skill set and making changes to your key words helps. I recently found an old resume from 14 years ago that showcased skills I hadn’t used in some time and I do plan on... see more

On a good news note, after 90 + days on working the unemployed trenches, an employment offer was handed to me... see more

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Rafael Castaneda Congrats Rafael, I wish you all the best!

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Being on time giving and doing your job always remain professional dress and appearance is always important good servicr

To bring your “A” game. First Security expects the best from you and they make you feel like you want to give the crew your bed

They will sell you to highest bidder

What do you mean Merri Conway ? Do you still work there?

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Matt Bornhorst no like I commented Kindred sold us as insurance reimbursement changed. More money in homecare than... see more

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Expect good challenges and always be prepare for rewards

Thanks for sharing your advice with us Mario Garcia !

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