I finally got a job after 4 years

I finally landed me a job after looking for 4 years it’s 15 minutes away by walking. It pays $15 and hour. Never give up.

Congratulations Adam Ware

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Get it in Writing.

You got the job offer, you are so excited. But did you really get the job offer?

Companies that are on the up and up will always, not sometimes but always do the following:
Send you a job offer, and what is included in that letter is Critical;. Keep that letter, make copies. Hopefully, you will not need to point anything out that is not being done.

Job offers can vary but they should at a minimum have the following information.

Start date…

Most jobs, for that matter most businesses, want an individual for hire to have great customer service skills, networking stills…

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Finally got hired.

Finally got hired after 2 years. Over 550 applications and endless interviews. The past 2 years have been difficult and hard. Went thru all my saving and my husband's income was all we had to get us thru. But i'm glad to be given a chance to work in the field I truly love.

While I do believe age discrimination does go on I don't believe that it's the whole story. When you interview the employer is…

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I made working for #UNMsn a good experience by

I served UN Msn Congo from 15 August 2010 to 22 Aug 2011 and enjoy the work along international staff of 53 x countries. My job is update the data of 760 x staff officers and military observers. Arrange induction course comprising 1 x week. Plan their posting. Send reports to New York. It is memorable tenure of service of my life.

Thank you for sharing Muhammad Hanif !

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I thought I bombed my second interview today...
Less than an hour later, I got the call from the VP of the company offering me the position. I'm now with an amazing company that values and invests in their employee's continued education and success, empowers and gives their managers tools and motivation to succeed, and I feel fantastic about the long term goals that I share with this company. I've also been given a better salary than what I'd…

Awesome GREAT JOB!!?

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They took me back

I decided to go work for FedEx again. I was there back in 2009 and a lot has changed, but I am happy to be back here. Just have to learn the ropes again and hoping I learn quick.


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I finally got a good fit

I have horrible back problems and no experience in any fields other than manual labor and fast food being only 21 years old. My wife and I had been trying to start our own family for a few months with no results. Everything looked so horrible especially when I lost my job last month and she wasn’t working. She finally got a job in the field she had gone to college for and I was so happy for her but still felt incomplete because I couldn’t find a…

That's awesome for both of you! Congratulations on the pregnancy! And congratulations to both of you for finding the jobs you both…

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I got the call!

I got the call that I was offered a job! It doesn't pay as much as I would like, but I'm also working toward getting on with VIPkid. They mentioned several time that there is room for growth and I think that even if this isn't a forever career, the experience will definitely help my resume.
Keep applying! You can do it!


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My life is looking up!

I been a stay at home mom for over twenty years. I have 7 kids. Almost 3 years ago my husband left and it kinda hit me really hard. I really thank God for being my rock. I went back to college at 47 and got my associates degree and now I’m working on my BA degree in accounting and financial management, which i will get December 2020. Last week I was offer a full time job in the banking field!! I am really thankful to God! It’s been a long road…

Beautiful sharing. God bless you in your journey. Your story is an inspiration that no matter what age, you can still go for…

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Finally got a job!!!! Ironically it is with the same company I worked for before I had children. (The reason I left back then.) It's in a different store but still close to home which is fine. The summer it will take longer because of the beach traffic but I can live that. It's a company I liked working for back then and great coworkers. The people who work in this store from what I have seen all seem to be really nice and happy. I literally…

That is not ironic, hopefully the jib is not communications related, but bully for you!

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It is hard work looking for permanent work. I can only thank God for his timing, Grace and blessings regardless of what it may look like. You have to keep pressing, it's all a test.

Glad you got hired. Now call your Congressman and tell him to do something about the national debt before we lose all of our jobs…

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