A long hard road...

I was laid off almost a year ago. Because I had been there so long, I had 30 weeks of severance coming to me. I took sometime off to enjoy my granddaughters and started looking hard for a job in July. I received more rejections then interviews. One of my husband's customers told him about the company he works for. I applied in December and again in late January. I received a call in February for an interview. I got the job. I'm so excited, I…

Congratulations !!! Kerri !

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Your Job Search can Make you a Better Person

My job search has made me a better person, and yours can too. Here's how:

Accept that the world owes you NOTHING
Yep that's right. The world doesn't owe you a second look, let alone an interview,or a job. Those things are EARNED by standing out as the candidate who did their research, put in the real effort to understand the company and their needs, and you showed that you can be an asset to the company.

So remember, the world owes you…


Show me how.

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Maurice Gray If you read my post - I tell you what needs to be done to let your job search promote growth. You have to be…

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I just mover to Raleigh NC a lil over a week ago and I've put in numerous applications and been on quite a few interviews, I went on my last interview yesterday and took the drug screen and authorized to do my background check and I just literally got a call a few minutes ago telling me to come in to work Tuesday morning. I AM SO EXCITED!!!

Wonderful! I hope you do great!

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After a month of searching I finally found a gig....not what I wanted but it beats a blank...so I'm thankful

Congratulations!! I know the feeling but sometimes we gotta do what we gotta do. It may end up being something you do enjoy or…

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This 52 year old finally got hired!

After 3.5 grueling months I finally landed a job at a position I was searching for. I was starting to think my age was a factor in not getting hired. Then I got the call from the place I was really hoping for telling me that I have the position if I wanted it. They preceded to tell me they love that I’m not a millianial and I will have a forever job if I wanted it to be. Let’s see first day is next Monday. Wish me luck.

Congratulations and good luck!

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The search is over!

I have to have set a record for the longest unemployment in the country at 2 years, 4 months. But I finally got a job at a warehouse at a plastics company last week! It was very discouraging to be living at home with my parents in my late 30s, but now I can finally get out on my own again!

That's not the longest record. Try 5 years!

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I THINK I got hired??

So I applied for a job at a restaurant that I like and they’ve had a “Now Hiring!” Sign on their window since they opened the place a couple months ago. I went in and asked for an application and the lady up front told me I could sit at an open table and fill it out and she’s was going to get her manager to talk to me. After, the manager came over (he didn’t speak very good English) I talked to him and he seemed to like me. He said there was an…


Thank u

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Praise God, I got a job !!.

I looked for 3 months, then beefed up my resume, prayed and got a job in the field that I have been working in !!.


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Finally found perfect job and got hired!!

It has taken some time and has been a frustrating journey but I finally found the perfect job to jumpstart my career. I am so excited and nervous but I'm confident in my skills and they will train me for things I don't know or to sharpen my skills.


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I did it!

After filling out a total of 20 job applications in the 2 months that I was unemployed, and got an interview for the 20th job I applied for, I was called in for an interview the very next day I after finishing the application. And guys, it went great, I was hired!


Persistence pays off! I think it was Benjamin Franklin who said “if you first don’t succeed, try, try again”.

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I accepted a new position!!!

Hi guys! Turns out my firing a month ago was the best thing that could've happened to me! Looks like consulting is big now and it's very lucrative! I'm going to be making over double what I was making with less stress!

Consulting???? What does this consist of? How do you get started?

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