My boss is the owners mom where I work and she comes into the office part time and she pushes me around and talks very disrespectful to me she blames me for mistakes others make. She says things like everything you do is wrong you mess up everything you tourch insult after insult and I just have to sit there and take it from her. Its unacceptable. what is wrong with employers these days its impossible to find a job where you are treated like a... see more

Every workplace has job description and nine type

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Curious what job everyone applied to today


Yes, John I was able to apply for some positions today.

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I have a coworker who I’ve been having to do most of her work from the direction of my boss but I feel like this girl was taking advantage and kept giving me all of her work I ended up sick this past week and she told me she’s got another job

She works for a different company
I’ve asked my company to move me as I have been working under unfair work conditions for almost a year

I had a job interview a couple of weeks ago but have not heard... see more

Cora i think Jacob hit the aces give them the call ,you can give your self false hope tick tock

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Ok y’all, it’s been several weeks, but, I have had an “over the phone” interview with SPAR Merchandising, isn’t it legal for them to go through the whole interview, ask if you’re still interested, then the very first question in the hiring process, ask for your SSN? I’m sorry, but, I’m not giving out my Social over the phone!! Wouldn’t this bother you too? This has bothered me since then, sorry...

Well, you're wise to not do it, that's how the scammers get you

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I’ve had 4 job interviews. Been offered and hired 4 times and still haven’t started working. I keep being told how impeccable my resume is but nothing. The first time I was hired on the spot. Was told to get my security license transferred and it was a go. I did this. Paid the $100 and was told the business was sold and they decided to go a different route. The second job decided that they wanted me to work out of town but still waiting after... see more

Try applying with a temp service. They give the company six months to hire and if you have a resume on hand you are... see more

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I am in dire need of help, I'm going on my third month of unemployment had 4 interviews, which is better than a lot of people, but have been turned down for all of them. I am at a point of giving up . I just wanted to see if a recruiter could let me know what i am doing wrong

hey Richard I been out of work since 12/12/1019 I have also been playing the job seeking game .I have 5 yrs call... see more

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A stressful day at the Holiday Inn is when you are so fortunate to have the whole hotel completely full of guest and happy guests that are happy to be in their clean hotel rooms and you as a manager know that it's going to be a stressful day at the Holiday Inn hopefully all the employees come in and things are organized and things run smoothly but that's only if you have a good enough manager that knows what they're doing my days at the Holiday... see more

Great attitude to have while under stress katina flynn . Thank you for tell us about this interesting story about... see more

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I was working for a company for almost 3yrs. When I accidentally gave a customer an employee's discount. I received a call from corporate regarding this matter and I told them that I was will to pay the difference. Instead of giving me a second chance they suspended me and within 12hrs after my suspension they called and told me that I was terminated. I worked my butt off for this company and they didn't give me a write up, a warning, nothing... see more

I have filed for unemployment benefits and I have been looking for another job. But i wonder if me telling the... see more

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January 6,2020 after 6 years I was terminated because I asked a manager that is friends with one of the owners about merchandise for his brother had not been paid for. My termination paperwork said lack of communication and unable to manage parts department. But the owner was told I up and walked out and took my department with me. I Love cars and I like helping people, the level of disrespect really hurt. I cared about my job because I Loved... see more

Maybe you should give corporate a call and let them know what is going on at their company. Sorry for your... see more

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I was working at burger king in carrboro nc and my new assistant gm was smoking weed with her night employees and my daughter was one of them I told my head general manager. She act like she didn't care so I called home office 2 days later I was fired for arguing with the new assistant gm.

I was constantly harassed by my manager due to the fact I have narcolepsy. I never missed a deadline and my work won awards. But any time I closed my eyes for a minute (after hours on a computer), he would yell at me you can't sleep here! Then he would claim many people walked by and saw me sleeping. I had an accident at work that damaged the vision in one eye, so I could only work 2-3 hours without resting my vision. I also had an EEOC form on... see more

honestly I kind of just had the same thing happen to me almost is for I was within my company for nine years and I... see more

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