Starbucks Hiring Event & Coffee Tasting (1/30/19)

Curious about what it is like to work at Starbucks? Join us for a cup of coffee and learn about career opportunities at Starbucks.

Now hiring for the following roles:
- Barista (Hiring on the spot)
- Shift Manager (Hiring on the spot)
- Store Manager (Preliminary interview)

Opportunities at these locations:
- Back Bay
- Beacon Hill
- Cambridge
- Downtown Crossing/ Financial District
- East Boston
- Seaport District
- Somerville

Bring copies…


Great opportunity!

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If the government shutdown affects your job…

If you or someone you know has been impacted by the government shutdown you are not alone. An estimated 800,000 federal workers are also affected by the shutdown, but we are here to help! Not sure what the government shutdown is? You can read more about it here and here.

If you are not impacted directly by the government shutdown, please feel free to leave some words of advice or encouragement for those who are.

Comment on this post to support

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To me I believe Government shutdawn is not showndwan as retrench ,so is for a while .except if they refused to pay workers. But if…

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I live in great neck I’m very close to starbucks

Stephanie Steele Here's a couple of suggestions for cashier jobs near your area.

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Starbucks Hiring Event!

Starbucks Roasting Plant & Distribution Center is hosting an open house/hiring event at their facility on January 17, 2019 from 04:00 p.m. – 06:00 p.m. Starbucks Roasting Plant & Distribution Center is located at 2525 Starbucks Way, Minden, NV 89423.


What happened to capital letters for the beginning of a formal, or semi-formal sentence?

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What made me stay @ #Starbucks was

I enjoyed working with my community making fabulous drinks

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I went and above and beyond @ #Starbucks when I

There was a time that i brought my own elf on a shelf to work and i went in even on my days off and would move the elf for the evening shift to find. It was always so fun

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What I loved working at #Starbucks

The atmosphere

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"WALKING BY FAITH, NOT BY SIGHT" (Your decisions, creates revisions in your life.) [IBYC]


Don't allow anyone or anything to convince you to cancel out your faith, beliefs, hopes, desires or dreams in life!

Faith can be likened to the fuel in your car. When you're stuck in traffic and the needle is virtually on E it takes something special to help you reach your destination. Perhaps, that's your faith over fear because you have to keep going.

STORY: Howard had that same…


Thank you for your precious words that are help me stay strong!!! Amen praise God and his son Jesus Christ without their love I am…

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Starbucks Hiring in DC Area...

Starbucks New tore openings in Tyson’s Corner, 1961 Chain Bridge Rd Tysons Corner, VA 22102., and Wheaton Mall, 11160 Veirs Mill Rd, Wheaton, MD 20902, happening on Thursday, September, 27, between 11a - 7p. Stop by meet with management for an on the spot pre-interview screening. Search for job openings and apply online before theses events at:
Wheaton Mall
Tyson’s Corner

Great opportunity for anyone in the Wheaton, MD area!!! : )

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What made me stay @ #Starbucks was

That the company is very flexible with your hours, you can work early from 5am to 12pm easily .

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A #stressful #Starbucks day

The manager Mecoy Dillon

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