I love the energy MLB players get with the walk up song as they approach the plate, bat in hand. Whether chips are down and they need bolstering or whether things are just easy and they are relishing the moment. Music powers.
So- what would be your walk up song?
And what is a good suggestion for others for either situation- chips down or easy times?

I bet more than a few of us would welcome suggestions as we think about what to play as we head... see more

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Fall In Love With Your Work Again

Everyone wants work that they are enthusiastic and engaged with, even passionate about. Remember that feeling that you had upon receiving an offer to that job that you really wanted. The excitement of the new position with all the possibilities for growth and accomplishment ahead of you. Perhaps the dream job with promises of professional rewards that would follow as you rise with the organization.

That was... see more


May I add this thought..Sir? Tony Beshara | TEDxMountainViewCollege

In a worldwide Gallup survey of 25 million... see more

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Edge Fitness National Hiring Day is Wednesday, November 20! Stop in ay Edge Fitness Club location and see what it's like to work at the Best - Gym - Ever!

No appointment required! Mangers will be on site offering a brief, on-the spot interviews between 11a - 7p. Job openings include:

  • Membership Advisors
  • Fitness Consultants
  • Personal Trainers
  • Group Exercise Instructors
  • Edge Kids Coaches
  • Supervisors- Sales Managers
  • Fitness Managers & more!

Clic... see more

I want to work somewhere I would enjoy. Working I really enjoy working out so I feel like a gym environment would work for me

Hi Diane Rodichok , Anytime Fitness of Newark is hiring Fitness Associates in Newark, DE. Stop by the companies... see more

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Certified personal trainer and certified nutritionist looking for jobs in San Jose in that field. Also looking for jobs in the drink industry like milk tea or smoothie shops

Hi Michael Tran , Jamba juice locations throughout the San Jose area are hiring right now. All positions available... see more

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Helping the families by organizing team dinners and meets, just keeping everyone up to date with changes

Is a fun place to work there you work. there and see the game i love my job

That's great, Martha Herrera ! I'm glad you loved your job.

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This is yoga instructor yogi mohan
Can any one help for searching job

I am lookin opportunity to teach
Is here any yogi

Hi Yogi mohan Pandey ,

Have you tried using the job search tool here on Jobcase? It’s simple and you can search... see more

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Lawrence White thank u verry much for supporting me

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Training periods with staff members. Teaching and mentoring about customer service, company policy and attention to detail.

Cheering on the runners and working with Brandi Hensley she is the best organizer,


Sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing with us Kim Ham !

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I'm telling you the truth...

THOUGHT: Getting a job can be comparable to lifting weights. When you develop your perspective is to win, guess what? You'll win. Everything depends on your perspective in life.

THRUST: Here are four UNDENIABLE TIPS to consider if you want to win:

#1. You must be in the right position.
#2. You must place yourself in demand.
#3. You must be able to tell your story.
#4. You must be willing to lift yourself your... see more


Great tips! Thanks for posting, Edward Alexander

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