It's Masters Week! Are you a golf lover?

Considering a career in the golf industry? Or related to another sport or pasttime? These people are living the dream supporting their favorite sport through their careers. Maybe this will inspire you to pursue your passion as well!

When you're passionate about some part of your job, even some of the duller or less exciting parts of your job can become more…

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Crafting Your Elevator Pitch

An effective elevator pitch contains clear language that your listener understands and is personalized for the intended audience.

I have composed an outline below designed to help you craft your pitch and have included mine as an example. Once you customize your pitch, practice it until it rolls off your tongue smooth as ice...

Elevator Pitch Structure: 15-20 second verbal business card.

  1. Summary label (professional definition).
  2. Where you've…


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Fitness Employment Dallas

Hello Fellow Jobcase Friends! Looking for job recommendations/openings in the Dallas Forth Worth area for fitness management. I have 20+ years experience. Anyone hear of opportunities, please let me know. Thank you

Hi Ginger Nickelston ,

Have you tried using the job search tool here on Jobcase?

Just follow these steps!

1. Click on Jobs &amp…

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I Love My Dream Job

A long time coming for working as a Service Innovation Representative at the Spurs Sports and Entertainment. I have a great chance to move up within the organization. More news to come in the future.


Alright Brother! Moving on up like the Jeffersons!!!

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Boss Lady More to come.

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I don't get sports economics...

Ok. I like when owners share profits with players..... but.....I clearly dont get just how profitable sports are. $430mm for a center fielder? I am all for rewarding exceptional contribution, etc - but does this level of compensation make sense to everyone?


I know that I shouldn't envy the rich, as I can't afford their problems. Yet, if we're going to pay that much to an entertainer…

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Drama at #LAFitness

Not a thing. People here are good people.

I stand with the USA Women’s Soccer Team- do you?

I have long been a big fan of the USA Women’s National Soccer Team - both in and off the field. I atand with them. I will add cheering them on in courts to cheering them on the field . Do u?
#StrongerTogether #Champions

Hello Fred Goff,

The U.S. Women's Soccer Team deserves to win their battle in court. Pay equity and equal treatment for girls and…

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Petco Park and the Padres are Hiring!

Enter the Career Fair at Tony Gwynn Drive and K Street

Candidates are encouraged to attend in business casual attire and to complete our on-line application prior to attending the career fair. Please bring copies of your up to date resume and include all your current contact information.


*Beer Hawkers

  • Hospitality Supervisor *Retail Supervisor *Culinary…

Awesome Rafael Angel LopezFerrer Sr. ! In which state is this hiring event happening?

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What I loved working at #SenecaGolfCourse

Still work there.

Fun place to work. Looking for extra work.

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I stayed motivated at work by...

Picking the kids up and delivering them to the soup and watching them as they get ready to start class. They practice before class doing exercises.

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Nice, what do you do Cathy Galavis ?

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DON'T THROW IN THE TOWEL! (Stay in the fight...) [IBYC]


Yes, the struggles in life can be like a championship fight. Sometimes you get hit with a few punches or even knocked down. Man, it's fight after fight, this month, next month and each fight seems to get harder. But that doesn't mean the fight is over, No, no, really doesn't mean that at all.

So, I'm pleading with you to keep up the good fight, move to the left and then to right, duck…


I want to say thank you for giving me back something special! My life my faith an the road to come! I landed a great job i have…

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Shannon Scott ,I'm so happy for you,faith is very important,with faith and God you can do anything I believe that with all my…

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