Don’t do it the pay isn’t worth the amount of hours you put into working there. And there’s poor training I was just thrown into management position with little to no training.. at least the one in Elkhart on Cassopolis st. I can’t speak for all employees but that’s the experience I got both times I worked there well besides the manager position I got that the second time I came back but that’s besides the point

Curious what job everyone applied to today


Just explain your lapse of employment the same way you did here.

Shouldn't have any problems.

I think your bigger... see more

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dian sanderson Thank You.

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Wasting 5 years of my time trying to help employess better themselves an work myself to death to help out people that didnt even care they were more consered about ruining peoples reputation an lying to make them selfs look better because they were jealous or had hatered againest others for things they couldnt do so they would run to the manger an spread lies when they were worse then anyone there but nothing was ever done only the good people... see more

I'm sorry to hear that Shannon Jackson - managing employees who don't want your help or to do better can be super... see more

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Dont waste your time there a joke ! They terminated me cause to much money was taken from my paycheck than i called the supervisior out on it an he came up making excuses i will never see the money again i went back to work an i was fired for disrespecting him for calling him on my day off to find out were my money that was taking from my check with out knowing about it ive never lost a job nor ever been without i never ever been disrespect so... see more

I would not spend anyone to work with them it is a easy job if you have a good team but my team sucks so ot makes the job very stressful

I'm sorry Kimberly Mead , what about your team made them hard to work with?

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It's a great place to work at when I worked there I was going to school and only working weekends they understood what I was doing worked with my schedule and supported my dreams I Bk family and is still friends with most of them now

I'm glad it was such a good experience Marcus Bland !

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It wasn't at burger king but I was working the line cause the drive thru was getting hammered and my line cook wasn't performing as well due to not feeling well and had to be sent home and us not having anyone to come in to cover him, I had to work the line, so I couldn't see the whole store like I needed too, 2 guys rushed In and made everyone lay down on the ground and demanded I open the safe, which had nothing in it cause i had already made... see more

I'm sorry, jobs come a dime a dozen but your life you will never get back. Cost you your marriage and I know burger... see more

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Desma Robinson it was burger king this happened at it was a taco bell, and no they didnt at all but all things... see more

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Good company to work for. They recognize and reward hard work

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Ashley Roubique !

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I wish aan Arby's in Modesto

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The day I was hired I wasn't even out looking for a job when I walked into Cassanos on vierity Pkwy in Middletown Ohio. The manager was interviewing two it three people at a time when I just decided to ask for NO reason at all if they were still needing workers, and the manager said yes of course he asked me if I had a interview today I said NO but I want to fill out a he said how fast can you fill it out sivivrushed through it... see more

The biggest mistake I made while working at Moe’s was staying there for as long as I did. The general manager, Mark, and other employees were unprofessional. They were racist and just downright rude and disrespectful. I made the right decision to quit, I just wish I did it sooner and saved myself from hearing my boss and coworkers call me a “lazy nigger” and a “stupid bitch”. The way the Bloomington, IN store is run is completely unprofessional... see more

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