G4S Solutions USA is hosting an On-The-Spot hiring event next Wednesday, January 8, at the G4S Indianapolis Office, 201 S Capitol Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46225.

Interested applicants are encouraged to apply online before attending this interview opportunity. Submit your application today at https://careers.g4s.com

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Thanks for sharing

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Curious whether those of you who work in coffee shops (Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, etc.) have found mobile ordering to make your daily jobs better or worse? Why?


Nice that you have a place to go to

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Great had another awesome interview. Was told how great my qualities were. And for the 4th. time didn’t get the job. This is getting old. I need work. SMH This is insane. The first time they decide to go a different route after I pay out of pocket to renew and refresh my license. Then the company was bought and they decided to go with the people they already have. And the very first time, they tell me they decided to hire someone else. Mind you I... see more

I teach online and set my own schedule and love it. Contact me at GaryLadka@mindspring.com if you are interested.

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I need a part time job .to supplement my income .i feel i would make a great front check in worker im very pleasnt and i have a kean eye for thieves. Or shoplifters.

I currently live in ohio. I've been doing unarmed sercurity for 4years trying to find an sercurity job in atlanta before I make that move.


Hi Darlene,

While not impossible, finding a job before you make a move is not super easy.

A lot of this has to do... see more

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I'm a 63 yr old Security guard, I've worked in the field for about 12 yrs, I've, worked with serveral agencies, places, long hours, days, & holidays, the time as come where I'm no longer can do the job that is required of me (ex: the long standing or travel) I realize I no long want to be a Security guard, my problem is WHAT DO I DO if & when I should leave the SECURITY FIELD??? In another lifetime, I was a RECEPTIONIST & would like to return to... see more

Excellent question Paulette Paige-Campbell ! There are several job options you can explore where you Security... see more

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Six years at post I was needed at.
Check doors, watch camera. Do patrol.

Welcome to Jobcase sandra alexander ! are you currently looking for a new Security job? Allied Universal has some... see more

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Took off job to slow on computer doing a report. But did my job great on the floor and driving and finding things.good eye locating bad things.


So sorry hear about your recent job loss Pamela Chewey . Involuntarily loosing a job is always challenging but we... see more

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G4S, has an immediate job opportunity for a Healthcare Security Officer (USO). As a Healthcare Security Officer, you will be responsible for the physical security of the client's hospital campus and its surrounding grounds

Full time job with excellent benefits. $500 success bonus (bonus for hired candidate)

Education, Licenses and Certifications Required

Must possess a high school diploma or equivalent
Must submit to any State-required... see more

Thank you for sharing this opportunity with the Jobcase community, Debra Christal !

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Elyssa Duncan no problem :-)

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