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Looking for new options and ideas, I have worked for the same company for 16yrs, loved my job as a merchandiser, it was full time and good money, have over 25yrs of retail experience and retail management experience,had to leave my loved job to relocate and no options to transfer, and not really interested iin working retail management anymore, but even though I was a store manager, guess its not the right qualifications to be a secretary or…

Hi gina Datz-Nannola If you have spent time in a career and now you’re ready to move on, but you aren’t quite sure what to do…

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Current resume trends

I have been doing career coaching for many years. Just finished creating a 4 part series for people at my company that are being impacted by an acquisition and will be in the job market soon. There are a lot of resume trends people are not aware of:
1. DO Not put more than 10-15 years of work experience if you have it.
2. DO NOT put the year you graduated from any or high school.
3. Do not put your birth year in your email…

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If you are older dates of college and high school will automatically disqualify you as ageism which is illegal but you will never…

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The most stressful part about volunteering at #secretary was

....lack of participation from the neighborhood at large. Everyone wanted to see this or that get done, but literally no one besides the organization's officers was willing to volunteer.

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Why was that a mistake Judith Fernandez ?

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Thanks for sharing your advice Judith Fernandez !

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What's the life of a Secretary?

What's it like to be a secretary, or a personal assistant for a CEO? Elaborate.

For a CEO level? I've worked directly under owners, co-founders, CEO's, VPs, and directors. For a CEO level you are helping…

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My advice to people interested in working at #DemiSmokeShop as a #Secretary/HalfbusinessOwner ...

If you not coming to work to put in a good day of work for me without complaint and sitting around when you could be doing something this job is not for you

The biggest mista ke I made as a #Secretary/HalfbusinessOwner at #DemiSmokeShop ...

The biggest mistke was not doing my research before jumping into a business already set up I lost a lot of money doing that


I loved being in control of what was happening or going on.

Hi Ann! I'm glad you love what you do! Let us know if you need any help.

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