Does anyone have experience with Online Team Builders? Are they a legit work from home company? They contacting me for an interview and I am trying to find as much information on them as possible. Thanks for your help.


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Charles James Jr. nice meeting you and how are you doing ?

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I came across this podcast that hit close to home. I worked in a lot of different service industry positions before getting my start in the corporate world. It actually all started from one of my regulars at the bar I tended who was working at a consulting firm and thought I'd be a good fit for a Research position. Fast forward 5 years and I've built a nice career for myself and a home here at Jobcase where I get to hire engineers that enable... see more

Michael Carvalho Patrick Coppedge Anthony Harrington any good podcasts that you listen to that offers good career... see more

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If anyone wants to pay to subscribe to Resume Coach to create so called resume templates, don't do it because it is a scam. Once you pay for the service, you'll get a nice little return message from Emma at Resume Coach. Then you sign on with your password and begin to anticipate the different resume templates to create a custom designed resume. Ok, that's great. But the problem is not that you cannot enter all the information, but when it comes... see more

Hi Karen, I just signed up for the following basic membership :
Membership type: 14 Days Basic
Amount paid: USD... see more

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I received a text message yesterday from an unknown number saying that they had just received my resume from Careerbuilder and if I was interested in a job, to respond. Curious, I said yes, they said I needed to talk to their HR person through Google Hangouts, so I agreed (though I was thinking it was odd).

The guy said he was with Houzz (which is a legitimate company) and we could do an interview through Hangouts (which again I thought was... see more

I am actually doing this now and I am glad I found this page. Here are the questions:

What are your full names?
Lo... see more

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There seems to be a new trend cropping up lately on Jobcase. In the past week I have seen no fewer the six people inquiring about envelope stuffing jobs.

For those not in the know, this type of work is promised by companies as a work-from-home opportunity simply making money to mail out advertisements.

The question begs to be asked though; Why would a legitimate business want to pay humans to stuff envelopes when they have automated machines... see more


Thanks for the information. Peace, have a good day.

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Congratulations Shari,

Good to get your response, after the review and consideration of your answers to the questionnaire your application is successful and i wish to congratulate you on the new job as my personal assistant. I will be in town in 2 weeks & we'll set-up an appointment to meet so you can
sign your employment paperwork.

I will provide you with the equipment you'll be working with and it will come with internet facilities. You'll... see more

Thank you for sharing this information.

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I received an email, then a call from a recruiter with US Tech Solutions, who is based out of New Jersey (and I live in Texas). I'm sure she got my information from the many job search websites that are online, because I have never applied with them. She said she had a position that I was good fit for and wanted to submit my resume. She said the position was for a 1 month contract, with starting date of immediately. The client would only be... see more

So glad for you that everything turned out well, I am like you also, I would wait also if asked for SS#

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I received a text yesterday from someone who wrote that she was contacting me from Coventry Health Care and was I interested in working from home.? She said they got my resume from CAREER BUILDER. If I was interested I was to open hangouts and add the HR manager for an interview. So far sounded like it could happen. So I do so and have an interview
I am feeling suspicious however because the pay is too high, I need software to do the job, there... see more

may i get the phone number you used to contact coventry, thank you

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I've been unemployed for a while now, so when I got a text on my phone telling me that my resume had been reviewed, and that they wanted to interview me on Google Hangouts, I didn't see anything wrong.
The details were, work at home customer service, 5 days of training at 8 hours a day for $12 an hour, then bumping me to $30 an hour for 8 hour days. In addition, they would be sending me a check (Red flag 1) to cover the setup of my home office... see more

Omg I went through the same exact scam except it was Cardinal Health and the oay was 30 for training and 25 for... see more

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Has anyone heard of this company, $27 per hour work from home, I smelled a rat

I smell a rat

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I was sent some information about a secret shopper for Walmart. I replied that I was interested to learn more. I never filled out an application. They replied immediately with information and they Fed ex me overnight with information. Sure enough they overnited me with Fed Ex and sent me a check for $2995.75. One Walmart evaluation shopper form. This seems a little to good to be true? Any one know anything about this ?

Yea I got the same thing was it real?

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