I wold tell someone looking to work there that it's a great place to work because you are treated with respect and trust and I know that you can learn how to respect yourself

I just tripped across this great 60-second spot on youtube that covers what the Follow buttons do for people. Check it out and I am sure you will make clicking that 'follow' button a regular part of of your jobcase experience! https://youtu.be/PBAUiAZSIno

Fred Goff I remember this video! Great job Nicholas Leonard : ) I like to follow those on Jobcase who inspire me... see more

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The biggest mistake I ever made was whenI was I was stocking one morning and I dropped a load of vinegar and salad dressing

If you get hired seasonal that's all they keep you for they don't hire you on they release you from employment

Be prepare to not only work, but to work hard. There is a lot to learn and you heet online course on your department and you get paid to learn.

Of you get hired to work at Walmart, take it seriously. Go in knowing that you are expected to WORK! Don't just show up to get a check, earn your pay and make a difference. Also, have the mind set that the job you do represents who you are as a person. Take pride in the work you do.

Watch your back. No one is your friend no matter what they tell you

I'm looking to get a better paying job at a clothing store as a floor sales associate.,it must start out at 9.00 hourly.and get raised,the place I'm at I like it and like what I'm doing but the place is falling apart,and my boss is not giving me that ment days,I need a job where I have two days off and work the rest of the week..

Hi Jean:

Thanks for posting to Jobcase!

I recommend double-clicking on the Jobs button at the top of the page... see more

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