Very people related,hard worker, very energitic

Hey Terisa Murphy , are you looking for an entry level Sales/Service role? You local Target stores are interviewing... see more

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Hello fellow Jobcasers! A few months ago I was contacted to participate in a feature article about Jobcase for Forbes magazine! It was an honor being able to represent for Jobcase, and talk about my personal challenges, struggles, and how Jobcase helped me make a better life for myself. My wish is that everyone here will have a positive experience while you navigate the job market. This is a powerful community, so be sure to make the most of it... see more


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Thanks for sharing your advice with us Barbara George . What makes you say so?

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Thank you for the insight, jackie burgess ! What kinds of tasks do you do?

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In the past worked retail at Macy's in Flint, Saginaw, New York City, all doing Christmas help

Hey @kamariathema , it's that time of year again. Macy's is hiring! The Cosmetics and Beauty Department is hosting... see more

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Sorry you felt unsupported when you were working there. What do you think could have changed how you felt?

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What makes the job so stressful, Larry Mckinney ?

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It's the best place to work for and a great learning experience.

The Staples store in Yonkers, NY will be offering open interviews for in-store Associates next Thursday, August 15, from 9a - 5p, at the 465 Tuckahoe Road, Yonkers, NY location.

Stop by and meet face to face with the stores hiring Managers and company recruiters.

All event information and online application instructions can be found here.

Staples is an Equal Opportunity Employer!

What should applicants bring with them to be prepared for this interview?

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Cool photo John Ruberry !

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