Soooo frustrated!

My husband and I have been out of work since September. We both have gone on interview after interview and still nothing. Do recruiters get that the perfect person they are looking for already has a job. Why won't anyone give us a chance. We both are in tears right now as he just got turned down again. I work in healthcare and he works in sales and the hospitality industry. This is just too much to take at this point. He has three weeks…

It’s a cruel world out there! I wish people would get back to looking out for, and helping each other out. With the way our…

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If the government shutdown affects your job…

If you or someone you know has been impacted by the government shutdown you are not alone. An estimated 800,000 federal workers are also affected by the shutdown, but we are here to help! Not sure what the government shutdown is? You can read more about it here and here.

If you are not impacted directly by the government shutdown, please feel free to leave some words of advice or encouragement for those who are.

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Every try for a teaching job overseas the pay is much better go out to Dodea

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Lowes Hiring - North Carolina!

North Carolina Lowe's Stores are hosting hiring events on Tuesday, 01/22/2019, between 10a - 7p. Full-time, Part-time and Seasonal positions are available NOW! Representatives will be available for **On-Site_Interviews.

Apply prior to the event at or visit the store to apply in person.

Thanks for sharing Nelson Franco !

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Dollar Tree is Hiring!

Chesapeake, VA - area job seekers are being called out to attend this Dollar Tree #hiring event happening on Saturday, January 26, between 10a - 3p. Recruiter will be on site to discuss job opportunities in Dollar Tree's new state-of-the-art building.

Job opportunities include:
* Store Operations
* Merchandising
* IT Call Center
* Supply Chain
* Finance
* Human Resources & More!

Interested? Stop in on Saturday, January 26 or apply online today…

I hear but forget, I see I remember,I do

I understand...allow to do something with Dollar Tree prior to ask for a comment..Tku

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Lowes is Hiring in Florida

Looking for a new job opportunity? Attend the Lowe's Store Hiring Event happening at all Lowes locations throughout Florida on 01/31/2019, between 10a - 7p. FT, PT, & Seasonal job opportunities! Representatives will be available for On-Site-Interviews!

Apply prior to the event or visit the store to apply in person.

Quiero participar

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Hola Aricelda Leon Ramirez ,
Llene una aplicación primero luego pase por Lowes el dia 31 de Enero entre la 10a - 7p para una…

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Active Reading of a Resume

I feel like employment agencies and prospective employers are not actively reading resumes. They are skimming them, seeing a skill or something they need and not actually reading what the person is looking for. My current job is working in sales, administration and human resources. All of them send me job offers for sales, sales, sales and don't read my cover letter or my summary stating that I am seeking a job as an Administrative…

Im running intio i feel age im 55 in Downtown Baltimore and can find nothing beenn looking 3 mths now i dont no what else to do i…

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My advice to people interested in working at #quickhydraulics as a #sales/storeman ...

Be on time for work every day be helpless on the counter and always be friendly with the employer and collegas

The biggest mistake I made as a #sales/storeman at #quickhydraulics ...

when we didnt get the stock on time and the customer were not satisfy with me and he refuse to waight

Good customer service = Benefits

I remember My 5th year at The Home Depot, I was working in electrical at the time and they always talked about pushing credit like to were I new if I could make myself noticed in a good way lol then this is how I'm gonna do it, so every customer I approached it was mandatory I drop my Credit-Script before I close my sell with that customer and I'm telling u all I needed was something to fish with that was good enough to get them to bite. And…

You should've gotten a BIG monetary incentive for that idea!!!

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Not Dead Yet!!!

Hello, I am 61, been disabled for 15 years,but am a busy body,I have cancer as well as 8 screws in my lower back. i have over 20years in flexible packaging,started in press room, advanced all the up to plant manager, eventualy ended up as manufacturer sales Rep. Its a long story, but all I want is a part time job to help make ends meet! Wish me luck L.O.L. ! I do have a new Jeep! So I can drive! I have a lot of talents but I get tired

Hi Randall Rudd - based on your post here, and that you have some back problems and a Jeep to drive, I think you might really…

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I motivated a coworker one time by...

I have 4year work experience as a sales & marketing officer in Meezan bank

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Hi Faisal! Check out my last comment to you for tips on how to find a job opportunity here on Jobcase :) Let me know if there's…

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Lawrence White yes tell me how my help out search the jobs for me?

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