Just looking for a part time job courtesy clerk at safeway

Hi Michael Bagaw ! To find a Safeway clerk job in your area, follow these steps:

  1. Click on “Jobs & Companies” at... see more
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Personal Traits Sought By Employers

Employers are requiring more of their employees today in a technologically fast paced world. Employees must be able to not only adapt and thrive to an ever-changing world, but also must possess many skills and traits that will showcase and make them stand out from the crowd when job searching.

A resume must not only show potential employers a wide array of skills, work experience, accomplishments, but also... see more


That do make alot of cent

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I started working for Safeway July 30 I worked a total of one week and then had to change my shift because I was just diagnosed with cancer. My regional manager refuse to call me for a month after I went in three times politely asking for a shift and then called 12 times being hung up on five and then being told that the manager was unavailable the other half of the time . I eventually had to quit my job and start looking for another one. Mind... see more

I do not think that Safeway will be around much longer so I doubt that anyone working in management will care about... see more

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I had an awesome boss connie . I was moved and not happy where I am now but I dont get choices as a head Baker sadly.

I'm glad you enjoyed your time! What are you doing for work now, Lori Stanley ?

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Hi, I need you to send my resume to M.Samantha at Safeway Store#1507 for Starbucks Barista position. Referred by Robert Carling.

I’ve been the Assistant Deli Manager for almost 1 year, there are always 2 man days with one person coming in at 6am and another at 11:30am, are store is fairly slow but having to do almost an entires day work in one day is almost unbearable, I am current looking for another job at the moment, I do not recommend working at Safeway at all

Sounds like it'd be busy with just two people! How did you cope with being so busy?

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I loved working at Safeway The people and customer's are The #1 reason I worked there

I have imo one of the best jobs (especially non college, but high school graduate) I have serious mental issues (no I am not crazy person) but I take medication that knocks me out, and take medication that keeps me wired so I CANNOT ever seem to fall asleep. I have been at Safway for four month and have already racked up 6 MISSED WORK DAYS, 2 LATE DAYS, 2 NO CALL NO SHOWS. I have it all spread out like that because it is a union and they have a... see more

Follow Lois's advice Joey Seibert . If your meds knock you out and keep you out for so long, you are either taking... see more

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The customers were great and I loved my job when coworkers and customers can tell when I'm not there by the way the store looks I kept the store very clean and people always noticed the difference from when I'm there and when I'm not! The bass loved my work ethic and told me himself!

I work for Wegman’s and just love what I do ❤️

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To read the handbook from front to back and get a copy of anything you sign

My husband was given some Monopoly tickets that were blue and as an employee we're given green well I didn't think I was doing anything wrong when I used the tickets for some free items about $3 dollars and apparently it was a violation and I was first suspended and ultimately dismissed a mistake I totally regret I respect Safeway and my job just didn't think I was doing anything wrong

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