I need help am looking a job as room attandant I have hotel exprince. Thanx

Hi Yoliswa Jobe Unfortunately, at this time, Jobcase only offers job searching opportunities in the US. I suggest... see more

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Artificial Intelligence Changes Employment

We have been hearing a lot about Artificial Intelligence over the past several years. Some experts predict that AI will eliminate half of all jobs that require humans. Yet, others say that we have nothing to fear, because AI may rid many jobs, but it will also create new employment opportunities.

According to a new Brookings Institution report, robots aren’t replacing everyone, but a quarter of U.S... see more


thanks for sharing

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They must go.aheard.it nice working there but the is lot.of challenge but in the good way

It when i.made mistake.and admitting mi mistake.but.still being honest put mi job at risk that means I should have lie

Making friends with the other workers. I watched them act like they were friends of other workers. While talking behind their back.People passed over for promotions.For people not qualified.

Hi, is there any job available for as a Room Attendant? Thanks

Hi Roshell! Search here on Jobcase for room attendant jobs near you! There's bound to be something you'd like to... see more

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Be ready to work fast. The time requirement is more than obtainable. Be dedicated, don't call out on a regular and try not to be late. Life happens, the supervisors understand this, but there comes a point when enough is enough. Also, have respect for your coworkers. Even though you are pretty much on your own, we still work as a team and rely on each other to get our jobs done.

No.this 1971 that mine was born but I m don't know who frist Teach Bad example send all Teach old Bad law enforcement or Government or Religion or one never know that happen old past 1971 no one perfect but true I m born in 1971 that me now I'm alive now no reason
1971 no reason happened since now
Only keeping me posted about the end of the day and I will be there at me for not being able to get out of here on the problem past from my life part... see more

When I accidentally broke the lid of a makeup brush owned by a guest while I was cleaning the room.

Fair benefits. The superiors or staff are approachable. Nice environment.Accomodating. Accessible.

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