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Larry Mason
about 1 year ago

Senior retired wants to go back to work either part time or full time. I am 74 intelligent aggressive and creative in the education and diversity field

Is it possible to go back to work after 35 years as an administrator in the college and university arena or related areas. I am a young 74 Master degree creative intelligent community type person

Ronald West
almost 4 years ago

PT or FT Work

I have a wealth of experience in Finance, Accounting, Budget, Administration, and Management. I am 61 years old, started early retirement back in late 2013. I went back to work in June of 2014 and have worked in Life and Health Insurance for about two years. I am ready to get back in the PT/FT work force in any of the above mentioned areas and I am willing to work for $10 to $15 per hour PT or FT. I know I can do a great job, and have the education, accomplishments, to support that. After I retired from the military in 1997 I had a great second career working with private schools as a Finance Director and USDA as a Budget Analyst over the span of 16 years. I just want to work again, and know I will be paid for it. I am best in an office setting and really do not want to work physical labor and no sales, as I can shake those jobs from the trees. I have gone to job fairs, submitted resumes each day, and have three agencies helping me with minimal or no success. I just need a chance to show how good I really am, and I have no problem working at a level that is lower paying and requires a lower level of skills and education. Working is the key to longevity, and I just want to work. Any help. Ron, from Hagerstown, MD.