Why your resume is being rejected

I found this on Workopolis this morning -- Your typing font may be causing your application to be rejected: We’ve looked at three reasons why you’re not getting called for an interview. Here’s one more: your resume didn’t make it past the automated online resume screening. Job postings receive an average of 250 applications, so this kind of resume screening software lets recruiters quickly shortlist candidates that are the best fit for the job.

There are some people that don't have a resume and tbey have jobs.So don't give me that garbage.

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How satisfied are you with your job?

Some people wake up and dread their way to work..thinking about how much they are unsatisfied with their job and all the reasons why they do what they do. While others wake up everyday wishing they have a job to go thru. Kept trying but keep failing. Why is it the ones that want work can’t work? And the ones that work hated work??

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Because they haven't learned how to think outside the box first of all to just find a good job, then the ones who are unhappy with…

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The small stuff matters! Add it to your profile

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Don’t overlook those mundane little tasks that were part of your previous or current position because they matter, and they can make you stand out and set you apart from other candidates.

But, rather than listing your responsibilities like ingredients on the back of a box, assign meaning to them. Make it personal. Make it you.

The mundane matters! These tasks, called “soft skills,” are…

That is really good advice never looked at it like that before.

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I need help

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How do I change the tone on my resume from being a doer to an achiever

I need to update my resume. It sounds more like if you tell me what to do I'll do it, which is not necessarily a bad thing. However, I need potential employers to know that I can and will work, motivate myself as well achieving goals set by the company.


Use the past tense, it's stronger. Rather than say Demonstrated leadership when assigned..., say instead Led a team of.... Shorter…

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Job hunting

I am looking for a job around Annaville or calallen area . Need to work around my school schedule. I have no experience

Hi Iliana,
Thanks for posting on Jobcase! Check out these jobs in your area I think might work well for your schedule.
Hope this…

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Thank you so much!

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Can I change my previous job titles to fit future job applications?

A suggested title change example would be from Customer Service to Sales & Service Account Executive. I just want to make sure this doesn’t hurt me when employers do reference and background checks.


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Jobs in Fontana

Looking for an entry level job in Fontana, CA i have no past job experience but i would like to change that.

Hi Vanessa,
Welcome to Jobcase! Take a look at these jobs I found in your area that would be great to start with and gain…

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CDL Driver looking for experience

Hello I'm new in the truck driving Industry, I'm looking for a Company that will train locally Oklahoma City area. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hello Darren,
So glad you could be a part of our Jobcase community! I took a look in your and did find some CDL driver jobs, with…

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Thank you!

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Should you list on your resume a position you were fired from? Is so, how?

Should you list on your resume a position you were fired from? Is so, how?

No. That's not usually a good idea. (I wouldn't) it'd b awkward trying to explain to prospective employers why u were fired. And…

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Hi can you help me write a resume.?

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Yes, Jordan, we can help! Mariah has great advice on using Jobcase. I'd add to that by saying just jump in. Once you have…

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What do employers hate seeing on a resume?

I read somewhere that employers spend about 6 seconds on average reviewing a resume. With such a short window I want to make sure I’m not listing any useless information that will immediately cast me out of the lot.

Objective, hobbies, volunteer work (unless relevant to the position that you are applying for), improper email addresses, jobs…

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