How far out (how many months) do employers look to hire?

I'm looking for a job starting in 5 months. Is it too early to start sending resumes?

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It never hurts to start researching which companies and positions would be right for you, but I wouldn't apply just yet. If they…

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Ashley Wilson I am a U.S. citizen who speaks English and Korean fluently, and I am an engineer holding an MBA degree with 12 years…

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Estas aplicasiones en linea Los estan jodiendo a Todo Mundo trabaje hay pero esto de aplicasiones en linea no sirve

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A employer told me she would not hire me because I have too muchexperience and she felt I would not stay long term

I applied for a job but the employer told me she felt I had too much experience after reviewing my resume. As a result she noted in the company data base that I should not be hired by their company, So even though I applied at a different location with the same company the other manager said she would not hire based on what based on what the other manager had placed in my file. She said they were looking for long term employee and she felt I…

Yes their decision was legal and proper. It sounds like they felt you would perhaps not find the job challenging or fulfilling…

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Polish up your resume!

Writing a resume can be intimidating, but you probably have more experience than you think, and you’ll be able to fill up that page in no time.

Many organizations rely on Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to screen candidates and filter resumes. This is good for recruiters, but can be a hurdle for job seekers. I recommend watching this video on how to get your resume past applicant tracking systems.

Follow this guide for tips on how to write a…

Yes u are expert in resume sir.kindly always support him.

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Amarjeet Singh We are so glad this was helpful : )

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Why is so difficult to even get an interview??

I’ve been looking for a job for 3 months and honestly it’s been the most depressing thing ever, I must have sent out about 200 resumes and had been called back for 1 interview!!! Does no one want to talk to humans anymore, is everyone to busy to just take a chance on a hard worker?

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Christina I have found that you have to be the person who calls everyday, be persistent, employers want to know that you are…

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Tons of Applications, No results?

Have you applied to a bunch of jobs with no results? There is a chance a human never even sees your resume! This is because of the systems that a vast majority of large and small companies use to filter resumes. These systems are called applicant tracking systems and they can work with you or against you.

These systems are looking for certain keywords in order to push the resume through to humans. No matter how much of a star you are if your…

Thank you Nihar. Its an extremely helpful website.

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Age discrimination?

I am 60 yo. I apply and apply, but get nowhere. Someone suggested I drop the dates of employment from my resume. Has anyone heard of this? Does it work? I'm at the end of my rope.

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Keith, do you have college experience? What do you normally do for work? Have you thought of taking a different route for a while…

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Leaving Miami?

Well usually Im not a complainer but Im a hard worker men with a lot of skills experience and knoledge in Management, Sales, Recruting/Hiring, Training, Couching, Development, Operations and Logistics. But since 2017 I have to reduce my resume to see if I can get a a job Miami has became a beginers o investors land with no oportunities to humble old dogs like me.

I find a lot of pleople like me leaving miami to other places , also the cost of…

thanks for the feed back

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Looking for an homebased job!

Hi everyone! I'm Dolly from the Philippines and a newbie here. I joined this platform because i knew it will be a great help for me to find a home based job. It's been 7 months since i resigned from my previous work as a secretary in a garments factory. Working there for a year and a half i learned a lot. But because of my youngest son, being maltreated by his NAN i am forced to resigned to look for them. I do studied and research about home…

Hi Dolor Barretta - first of all, I am sorry to hear about your job. That sounds like an issue where you need to contact your…

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Hey Dolor Barretta , Concentrix is hiring FT & PT Customer Service Work from home. Don't wait too long to apply because those jobs…

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Resume workshop

Hello everyone my name is Gregorio Montalvo-Smith and I have 17 years in Human Resources. I was recently laid off and I have no problem helping someone who needs the help with their resume. I am pretty good at it. I believe in paying it forward while I'm out here interviewing for my career job. Remember this, I can fix your resume but I can't your attitude. If you are interested and really would like the help, I can help you with your resume and…

Gregorio Smith Thanks for offering your help in the community!

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Janice Reed no problem

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Honesty or $10 words that are vague but trendy

Qualifications or duties, how much frosting do you add to get a job? I keep getting told that this means that or you did that so you are qualified for this. I choose my words for communicating efficiently and effectively. So I am curious , is this an age gap thing or must one be obsequious to the interviewer using misnomers to gain employment in today's career battle royal. I prefer using words I and the interviewer both know and understand. But…

Hi David Johnson - I gotta say, I love the way you described today's job search as a battle royale..

I think that using…

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