So I'm 38 have 20+ yrs in the restaurant,business as a server manager and lived in Florida for 5yrs now and could only get one job and after hiring me the next day said if I would have seen your tattoos I would not have hired you even though my experience it weighs he ink I was la yes off after 1yr6months so because Spring hill caiters to the elderly and they assume that they don't like to see visable tattoos that they might loose customers well…

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You’re better off that they said no. Any restaurant that’s anti-Tattoo is bound to be prissy about a lot of other insignificant…

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Never Lie In an Job Interview

As we all know, job interviews are intensely stressful occasions. If you REALLY want the job, the stakes are also incredibly high and you might feel a slight mistake could cost you the chance at landing the job. Given the pressure, some people are tempted to fudge their accomplishments and background a bit. They figure if adding a few years of experience that they'll triumph over other candidates, and what the interviewer doesn't know won't hurt…


Some Online applications don't have the option to mark if you are not a high school graduate or G.e.d. But you absolutely have to…

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Looking for flexable work

I'm seeking flexable work hours near the Gig Harbor WA area. I have experience in sales, customer service, trainer with US Army, negotiating, quality control, retail and restaurant management.

Sandra Hartman Here's a couple of suggestions for customer service jobs near your area.

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Welcome to Jobcase Azhar Ahamad ! Please note that you can search for local hiring events via the Jobs & Companies link at the…

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What I loved working at #restaurant

respectful between worker and client

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My advice to management

My KFC location was super busy and packed all the time. We maybe had two hours of downtime. We were located directly off of a major travel highway though, so we constantly had travelers of all kinds. The one thing I would tell management at any KFC is to make sure everyone gets their breaks and they actually take them.

Use to work for kfc had a boss that had a problem with me speaking Spanish although 60 percent of the customer base was Hispanic…

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I wanted to work at #restaurant because

I like working at restaurants, you meet alot of people, you never get bored its fast pace there's always something to do

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WHY haven't you heard back yet?

Your interviewer might have told you that they wanted to move quickly or even that the job was practically yours, but then you NEVER heard back. So, what’s going on??? Here are some common reasons for the delay.

The employer hasn’t finished the interview process yet. You might think that it’s a bad sign if the company is continuing to interview other candidates, but if often doesn’t mean anything at all. Most employers want to interview at least…

Hello Ma’am sorry that i can’t update as soon as possible. May i avail the job given to me again Ma’am?

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Thank you

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My friends should prep for their interviews by...

Getting to the Restaurant on time for Interviews.

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