I work at Goodwill and the other day I had a woman who came through my line and she didn't have much money. She was buying a few t-shirts and when i rang her out she counted some change very slowly. My coworker out of nowhere tells her she couldn't do that and asked her to leave the store. I said I was sorry and told the woman to please wait a few moments. I went and grabbed my boss from the back because I could tell she truly needed those items... see more

Anybody that treats a human being without compassion, should not be working in customers service. Don't feel bad... see more

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As a career recruiter, I've dealt with a lot of systems meant to help me sort through the hundreds of applications I might receive for each job. Unfortunately, these systems can make the application process feel like a Black Hole to the job seeker. Here are some tips to get past the ATS:
- Use keywords - look at the job posting and use the exact language that's in the description, including titles & acronyms. Be true to your own experience (don't... see more

Thank you for sharing!!!.. this is great information!!!

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Hello JobCase Community, today I want to talk about respect.. We should all respect one another! Each and every one of us, are the sons and daughters of someone else. Therefore we should treat people as such! If you have negative thoughts, and must release them. Try doing it on paper, or write a blog. Don’t bring that energy to someone else, it just isn’t right. These days, life is hard enough! People don’t need you, to remind THEM of THEIR... see more

I couldn't agree with you more Bryce Hooker that we should always treat others the way we want to be treated! The... see more

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A mother’s love is really amazing- as is all she does! We’re hoping all you amazing Jobcase Mothers, as well as all those amazing Mothers who love and support Jobcasers, have the fabulous day you so richly deserve!
#respect #Mother #Mom #love #amazing


I hope all the moms out there had a wonderful day!

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I lost a job I had held for 7 years just three weeks after telling them that I was pregnant. When I was let go I was told it was because they were cutting budgets for my department, yet I went back a year later for unrelated business and there were more people than ever working in my department. I had never been written up or officially reprimanded or given any warning about performance and such. I am in Fl and I was told at my release that FL... see more

Sarah Coryell, the best way to handle it is to not talk about it at all. But if you have to address it, be as... see more

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Interesting little article claiming the 1 reason people quit is when they feel disrespected. Have you quit an employer before? If so, why? What advice would you give to a fellow Jobcaser who is thinking about quitting today?


#advice #respect #termination #quit #resign

I have ptsd and was put on disability , however we’ve retained my goals and drive to make it through anything!

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I have written many a post in my time here on jobcase, but I have seen some responses that have been rude to either myself or others that are answering my conversation. All I have to say is don't do that this is not a forum on being rude to each other this is a forum to get advice and to maybe make connections in finding gainful employment. Keep your little comments that are rude and go post them in a forum that is appropriate. I report rude... see more

Social security have program for trial return to work where you can reactivate as quickly if needed. Checkpoints it... see more

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I want to start off by saying I mean no disrespect but everybody does have there own opinions so beware.
- Everyone who is posting about being turned down because hairstyle or just not being called up for the job, this may help..Ever since I was young, I have always wanted to go above and beyond to get what I wanted with my goals.When I apply for jobs I give them about a day to two before I call to check up on getting an interview , With me... see more


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I'm tired of being the one that my boss uses to get the work done in my specific duties when there is sometimes 2 or us doing it. Seems like everyone else is allowed to be lazy while I am expected to follow all the rules. I used for my experience but get the least respect because I don't do drama. Ugh I'm 46 and too.old for this. I'm feeling hopeless and worthless.

Stay prayed up baby plz stay prayed up..... God will shine his lights down when he is ready

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You handled that quite well. I have the utmost respect for you.

Thank you for your support, Carla.

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