wanting to quit what do you think?

Ugh, I'm already getting mixed feelings about this new job I just got. On the one side I got it on the spot, but also its one of those sale jobs that require me to actually look out for people I know but unfortunately not only do I not know that many people but I also have to ask if they know any one else. Basically I work as a sales person. I actually got two jobs, both of which are work at home positions but I feel I might wanna quit the other…

I need a job. Have over 20 yrs at Boeing as admin asst. Cant find anything here in Tucsan. Can anyone help?

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Two truckers share their stories

Meet Nailah and Martin!

Two different people who truly love what they do, which is driving a truck.

Sometimes in life, you need to think outside of the box.

When a friend suggested that Nailah attend truck driving school she stood in front of her in high heels and a dress and thought NO way was this for her. Today she happily says, “I am in a place where I don’t have to want for anything. I am happy. I don’t have bill collectors calling me…

I am not a person that would want to drive a Semi

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Better job offer,more money.... Or stay where i am?

I recently started a new job in my field which is cooking. Well a few week's ago a friend asked if I'd come in and help her out on my day's off because they needed another cook. I worked 1 day and management approaches me & offers me $4.00 more an hour to quit my job. I though about it & had decided that I was going to take it,I mean who could pass up an extra 4.00 an hour? So I gave my notice and explained why I was leaving hoping that they'd…


Work where you are the happiest and plan to stay the longest. ob hunting sucks and you like your job. I would not give that up…

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I am done!

I got a job doing something i cannot stand, out of pure desperation... Now i want to up and quit. My last job was a storage facility, so office work, and some outdoor stuff. I worked alone 99.8 percent of the time and loved it! Now, im dealing with coworkers and cannot stand being micromanaged! I used to be able to do whatever i wanted because i was the boss... I cannot take this anymore at all, and no storage places where i live are hiring…

I don't think you should just up and quit. A half of loaf is better than no bread at all. I just think you should stay there and…

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Puzzled and Dismayed

I'm working for a company that constantly points out any flaws and is trying to push me away from my job. I'm stuck between deciding on if I should resign from the position and put in my two weeks notice before they decide that they want to fire me from the job altogether. I am hurt because I have put so much of my time and energy in to being the best kind of employee for the company and knowing that they have other motives. Please give me some…

Here's what I would recommend and personally do George Harris . It sounds like you are already checked out and they already want…

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Honesty about why you left or was terminated from a job during a interview

What is the best way to respond, during an interview, why you left your last job and how to be honest and discreetly, even though you left under duress or were fired?

Be brutally honest. Never lie during a interview.

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References ??

Hello, i recently left a job as an Accountant for a company that didn't have the best management. I had expressed concerns to my direct manager about some disrespectful comments that were being made by seniors on our team that were at that point considered harassment. Nothing was done about it, i mentioned it to HR but again nothing was done about it. After this i decided to leave the company, on my current job search all my recruiters are…

You could always consider asking anyone else who managed you or whom you directly managed for a reference as well as a co-worker…

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Interview Mock Training that I disagree with

I come from the days where honesty is the best policy . If you left a job and were asked why you left by a prospective new employer you simply shared the truth whether the work place lacked resolving management issues that may have failed to complete a duty that would have made a company run more smoothly , or something illegal a person may have witnessed that lead to them turning in a resignation , in my past that was how we communicated. But…

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Shame on anyone coaching people to lie! The key is to develop an honest, concise explanation along with what you learned from it…

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Lois Martin I second that, it is NOT ok to lie. You can phrase the truth in a positive light, however, but hiding what happened…

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My dream job called me last week to tell me I had the job put my two week notice in at the job I'm atnow and today my dream job called me to tell me they changed their mind now I'll be out of a job and probably become homeless can someone please help me

Try to get your old job back and ask god to open doors got yo use your faith trust me the more you trust god he will do

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Sexual Harrassment at work...

Hi everyone,
I want talk about a situation that happened to me at work. I work as a banquet server at hotel.
I was sexual harrassed by two male cooks. They said a sexual comment towards me which obviously made me feel uncomfortable. They cook is old man been there for 22 years.
I went to GM who took situation serious along with the manager. He did not get fired or written up. I believe those situations are zero tolerence, but did not happen

I'm sorry you're going through this. Although your manager seemed to take the incident seriously when you met with them, it's…

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JOBCASERS ,Dont Get Discouraged,Or Frustrated.I Quit My Job Feb. 24.I Have Put In 52 On Line Applications.I Got Called In For An Interview April 15.They Loved My Resume, And If I Have To Say They Loved Me Too. L.O.L. Started The Same Day,With Pay More Than Then I Expected..Im Not Braging,Just A Sample Of Not Giving Up-.It Will Be Right Around The Corner.GOOD LUCK-GOD BLESS.

Would love to see an examole of your resume i am having such a hard time with mine

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