As I look at the length of time I've stayed at these jobs I see that its 2 months here or 3 months there or 6 months there (if accurate). I believe this is the reason Im not getting any call backs. I hate listing the jobs where I only stayed a few months. Its embarrassing. I even fill like not even applying anywhere. What's the use? How can I make MY resume still stand out? How can I fill in the application if I was terminated or quit?

Was the length of employment because of working through a temporary agency or did you leave at will?

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Artificial Intelligence Changes Employment

We have been hearing a lot about Artificial Intelligence over the past several years. Some experts predict that AI will eliminate half of all jobs that require humans. Yet, others say that we have nothing to fear, because AI may rid many jobs, but it will also create new employment opportunities.

According to a new Brookings Institution report, robots aren’t replacing everyone, but a quarter of U.S... see more


thank for sharing

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I just I just turned 57 and decided to walk out of my job. The place I worked treated people like crap they didn't pay unless you were family and anyone started got the worst jobs in pretty much were made to stay there making nothing or quit I've never left a job in my life I finally couldn't take it anymore. the deer walked out I thought was the best day of my life well it's been 4 months I'm looking, being depressed, I'm trying to survive I... see more

Hello I am Timothy I am looking for jobs in Elkhart I've been driving back and forth South Bend it's a little bit... see more

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In this video, Linda breaks down the ‘why did you leave your last job’ answer. Why did you leave your job is an important question and if you want to know the why did you leave your last job answer then I discuss that here. The best answer for leaving a job is always telling the truth. I'll help you explain if anyone asks why did you leave your previous job. Watch my video as I discuss scenarios and how to approach why did you leave your last job... see more

I just answer I was not a good fit, but I learned from my experience. One sentence, which interviewers like.

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So I took a job in a big chain fast food joint just to have a little bit of money coming in to help my family. I worked there for a total of 3 days. Now my pride is not too big for a fast food job. A big world wide company was my very first and only job for 15 years. And I started as crew and worked my way up to where I was and made really good money. But it was taking over my life and getting between my marriage because of how much time I was... see more

Get your prioties strait , than make up your mind you either want to make a lot of money,or stay where you are and... see more

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I left the job that I was on for three years, to save my life pretty much now I can't find a job where I moved to. The job world is a mess don't want people that are willing to work or want to work.

Hi Veda Lawson , hope you are doing better now that you left! Have you tried searching on Jobcase for jobs? https:/... see more

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Benjamin Chansky hello thanks for the information, I will be going back to work this week at an old job that I... see more

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I really enjoy helping people and I do it well. Left a job for another job and that job didn't work out was given incorrect information. I been sending out application to ever site you can think of. My work ethics are fantastic can sometime come off strong but it's for the well being of others. a true team player willing to go the extra mile to get the job done.
I been applying for the last 3months and still haven't found anything but I can't... see more

You've got this, swaysen swaysentalbert1026 ! I know it can be tough finding a good fit but your time will come... see more

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I have applied to so many jobs. Jobs that I am well qualified for. Only 4 interviews and have yet to be chosen for 1. Going into target tomorrow since I’m not good enough for administrative duties. As a previous leasing consultant who quit her job without notice. I feel it may be time to be honest about why i quit. Since simply lying and saying “ I was looking for new opportunities” isn’t working. The truth is that for the first time in my career... see more

Mandisa F , try to stay positive! You shouldn't feel bad about why you left your last job, having a bad manager is... see more

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It’s been a little over 3 months since leaving my previous employer. I left for various reasons, primarily because I refuse to work in a verbally abusive atmosphere where I had been threatened and accosted by another coworker (for which there was no recourse because HR was non existent). I have submitted applications EVERY single day and not gotten a single response. Not even an automated email saying they’ve decided to move forward with other... see more

What Michael Sheppard said. I am a staffing and recruiting coordinator and my firm is very wary of expressing... see more

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I left my job last month after my GM screwed me out of $1600 in commissions in ONE day. I had some capital saved up to last a few months. I've applied at multiple jobs and had a few interviews that didnt go anywhere. I'm switching career fields, so I understand. I've been in leadership positions in almost EVERY job I've had. So, when I interviewed today for a night super spot (local manufacturing plant that pays decent) I was pretty excited... see more

First of all, WHO was the one who offered you the night super to begin with? And what authority did the ops super... see more

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I was laid off in 2016 after sixteen years service as a graphic designer. I have been a GD for 30+ years working with many programs. I completed AAS degree in Web Design at end of 2018. I have been searching for work as graphic designer for 9 months. After many job offers to sell insurance, I finally got an interview with a printing company for a GD position. Nailed interview, got job & agreed on pay rate (no other benefits). First week I was... see more

I am a graphic designer and have been for about 30 years, as well. I have noticed that a lot of small... see more

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Shelley Young
Thanks for suggestion. I’m afraid I will not be able to get back pay. I will keep looking ☺️

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