Previously, I worked for teleperformance twice. Once for about 1 year, then we moved. Then they started a work from home platform, which was awesome. I had to train for about 3 months, then on the last day of training and graduation, my car broke down. I was so mad. Then they laid us off, after two or three years. I think it was three years. I would of been promoted to mentor, if I had stayed there and worked on my performance much better... see more

Hi Lisa Bobo - If you enjoyed working at a role prior and enjoyed working at the company, then I don't think there... see more

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Elyssa Duncan Thanks!!! that's what I thought. I did love the previous projects, that we were on. but their all... see more

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When you’re out there in today’s market trying to find employment you’re oblivious to others looking right along side of you. It can be intense, frustrating and depressing. Especially when you have a family to care for and bills to pay.

I find stepping back, re-evaluating your skill set and making changes to your key words helps. I recently found an old resume from 14 years ago that showcased skills I hadn’t used in some time and I do plan on... see more

God bless you all for trying your best and keep continuing going forward and if you are a little different or a... see more

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Hello all
I use to work for TJ Max about a year and got fired for not following company policy. when I customer returns an item, myself as a cashier has to look up the item to see if it belongs to the store and its a legit item. He comes the issue, I encountered, There has been a new manager that was hired 4 months before I got fired. This manager had it in for me since we meet and he became the mangers of the cashiers.They had monthly goals to... see more

You will NEVER work at TJ MAXX again. Sadly, you aren’t very articulate nor educated. You are too immature as... see more

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Kristin Wade Ross is not part of TJX.

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I would like to work there again.

Where's that wanda douglass ? Maryland Live Casino or the Marriott?

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Would you ever hire this person again? If former supervisor says no and it's proven and you lose the job is there any legal recourse??

There isn't Mark Venischenish ... There is no law against a former employer giving a bad reference as long as it is... see more

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I just don’t understand how I can be qualified for positions that I’m applying for, which my resume clearly states experience, keywords etc..... but, I continue to get rejection emails that I’m not qualified! I’ve even applied to three former companies that I used to work for. I left in good standing with all three. I even took it a step further & called their corporate HR department to ask if I was eligible for rehire. They all said yes. I’m... see more

Hi M Randolph I am so sorry for the struggle you've been facing these past few years. I think perhaps giving these... see more

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I was laid off from a Job in March 2018 they recently posted the job again hiring 10 people I reapplied and was granted an interview but two weeks later I was told that they had found better qualified candidates! for a Job I literally did just over 1 year ago and for 3 years. I'm thinking there is more to it than that and I'm tempted to reach out to my old boss and ask him what happened, but I'm thinking it would probably be pointless. I found a... see more

I know how you feel. It happened to me.

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I and my former coworker feel that I was wrongfully terminated. For the last several months of my job, I was obviously being targeted and unfairly singled out. I have a flash drive full of evidence. The office manager even seemed to act maliciously towards me. Despite the overwhelming stress affecting certain cognitive abilities, I hung in there. I have a meeting scheduled with Industrial Affairs to finalize my complaint against my former... see more


Hate er aid is everywhere in this Godless world we live in. Rather than speak to you, and try and maintain a... see more

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I need some advise about two months ago I got a job working for a good company their competition is Home Depot but once I accepted the job I became very sick and to decline before even worked my first day so fast forward today my health is back on track so how do go by starting the process of obtaining that job again? How do I know if they would even consider me back after turn them down before first day of work. I love to be part of the company... see more

I would say they would not if it was some type of managerial position but if a skilled worker job, the home... see more

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Today I got a job offer ;) We went over salary, orientation date and I accepted the offer. BUT when the recruiter called me back she stated she got an rejection when she tried to out my information in the system. She said it kicked me saying I was not able to be rehire! I remember submitting my 2wks notice, this job was back in 2015. She said the manager was no longer there so there's no record of my letter!! ;( She advised me to send her... see more

God got your back pray about it he will show you the way to your answers.

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I miss my old job at Chevron . I had my customers and I really didn't know what I had until it my gone . I made a stupid mistake and quit without giving my two weeks notice . I didn't know that I would be screwing myself out of ever getting rehired back there or the other gas station Valero which is owned by the same company here in town. It kills me to see a help wanted sign in the window and to know that I would do just about anything to get... see more

Hello Melissa Massey , try not to beat yourself up too much over past choices. Send a letter/email to your previous... see more

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