When I was fourteen I remember that teenage longing for my own money. The kind that you didn’t need to borrow from your cousin, or have to ask your parents for. It was just yours because you had earned it. There was no online job seeking when I was an early teen because well, there was no internet, so I went door to door raking my neighbor’s lawns for a small fee. It’s hard to imagine those days now, but they did exist and the world of job... see more

Yes, times I remember alwsys having steady sitting , cleaning ironing, typing or tutoring on side of school and... see more

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The world has changed my friend, but many times for the better! Wow you certainly kept yourself busy : ) How are... see more

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Hello community, the more time I spend around the topic of ageism the more, frustrated, disheartened and even angered I get. My passion on Jobcase is sharing any discoveries, tips, and strategies I use personally or come across so we can all take individual action toward personal success, however, I can't help but think we have to do something more.

Here is what I know: I know for sure the Jobcase staff is fully aware of this issue and actively... see more

Jason Roberson Here are most tactical and actionable tips that job seekers can take on their resume: https://www.jo... see more

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