I am looking for a job as a Quantity surveyor of project manager in Texas or Ohio. Please assist where possible.

I've worked in several fields, and enjoy taking my skills from one, and dovetailing them into the next.

I'm not completely sure which field i'm going to work on learning more about next, but I think it will likely be one of the following; Project management, tech repair/installation, or mechanical engineering

I am looking for a secure and rewarding Career-based opportunity for Myself aad all involved. Creative and driven with a passion for living. Let us work togetber as our dreams and goals self realize.

After a successful career in project management I have taken a break to start a family and follow my. Husband around the world . I was also able to set up my own music teaching business and I was doing my own accounting and organizing recitals. I have recently relocated back to my country and doing music is not possible as the market if very competitive and rates are low. Looking to restart my career by going back into project management and... see more

Only thing I could say is start looking up job sites to see what they have to offer. Basically you can look up jobs... see more

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I have IT experience in SOX and PCI compliance, management of HP Testing tools for appiication testing. I am looking for a position in Project Management, Process Improvement or Auditing,

I was working for the State f Colorado and I am no longer. I am having a hard time finding another position, I started looking before my contract ended and still no luck. Does anyone have any ideas? I have been submitting tons of resumes and nothing. I have had several interviews but nothing pans out. I know a lot of these positions come by word of mouth does anyone know of any positions they can refer me to?

CoBank has Project Mgr. position.

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30 years experience in construction project management

Hi Richard: Thanks for posting on Jobcase!
Are you looking for a project management positions in construction? If... see more

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2101 Danieldale Road, Lancaster, TX 75134

Are there any opportunities for Project Management in the Western New York location?

I need a job. I have been trying everything. I am looking for a mid level management job. I have a Master,s of Science degree in Organizational Management and years of management experience. But I can't find a job. Every job I apply for on job posting websites has numerous job seekers already applying for the same job. Because of this companies can pay next to nothing and pick out of a hundred or more applicants. Please let me know what... see more

Well I dont know about out there, butwe have a Career Point, if you don't have one out there try your county labor... see more

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Employment agency, for example Advantage job agency goggle job agencies or board of labor

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Do you have any techniques you use and like to keep a project in scope?
#ProjectManagement #Scope


Scope creep typically happens because you fail to define the business requirements accurately. Yes, there are times... see more

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