Irritated and not sure where to go from here!

So i was terminated from my position as shift manager at the local fast food here for a simple mistake and have tons of questions what to do. In the handbook it says that if a manager makes a mistake then they could be put on a probatiin period to help them with goals to help them succeed but i was not offered that. Plus before being terminated i was entitled to 5 days vacation pay but now they are stating that since i was terminated i am no…

Some companies do not pay out the vacation time accrued, there is no law saying that they have to unless the handbook states…

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Already have a job take me off

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Have ..a Job no more gmails Cancel your subscription.

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Human Resources

Okay so here is what I have. I recently resigned from my job yesterday. The policy for our PTO being paid out to employees after they resign is 90 days after you start, then you have to work until the first of the following month which would have been March 1st. But here is the problem, I was misinformed by HR that our policy is only just 90 days after your start date. So I resigned thinking I would get my PTO but they won’t take accountability…

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Go on and select a lawyer who can obtain the recording as proof! Request a free consultation.

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Sent a demand letter for PTO to be paid

I sent a demand letter certified to HR and a few others demanding payment for those hours since i was out sick before termination. Well i received response from HR stating i have to sign a document before they can pay. Does anyone out think or might know what this document may be.

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Job case if posting this should use a person's last name to avoid confusion
I thought you all were beyond dis-information.

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