Lets come up with a list.

I am a proponent for on the job training such as apprenticeships, internships and similar opportunities. Instead of sending young adults off to an expensive college for a degree that may not be in demand when they get out.

Lets start a list of companies and organisations that have this option.

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Hi Mike! That's such a brilliant idea! I really think it could help a lot of people. Thanks for sharing on Jobcase!

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Are there any trades that provide on the job training?

Thinking about a career change but I don’t want to go back to school. Where can I get on the job training?

Very frustrating! Everything is online now. What happened to the face to face, pick up a job application and go from there?

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Hi Sheila,
You're right, it can be frustrating, but don't forget: it is still ok to call (or sometimes even stop by) & talk to…

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