I did refer a couple of people and they miss working there too. They made your job seem more like a hobby than work. Anybody who enjoyed working with people, were into real estate or insurance and were computer literate, I'm sure would have loved as I did. Since they retired, others I don't know have taken over the offices and I myself relocated.

Wanted: Positive Attitude

It all begins with your attitude. You've no doubt heard the phrase Your attitude determines your altitude. A positive attitude will not only help you to find a good job but also help you hold on to your work in a competitive market.

Many employers say a positive attitude is one of the personal traits they value most highly in their employees.

When you have a positive outlook, you work more effectively. It will give... see more


I'm ready to be stable with a great job.Seriously!

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I may not have a college degree.but I learned on the job and built my knowledge.it does not help my references are deceased. And I walk with a cane foe a office job. I got the clothes Professional equitte. But phone not ringing.i apply for jobs I know I can do.


Hi Patty Hartman , what type of job(s) are you looking for? Macy's is hiring this month. See, https://www.macysjobs... see more

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my life is great butt you are.

Glad life is going well for you GHULAM MUHAMMAD ! To search for jobs on Jobcase click here. Good luck!

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I am looking for a part-time job preferably 8-12 or 8-1. It could me a girl friday in an office. I really do not wamt sales.

Hi Penni Rhinehart - Have you tried using the job search tool here on Jobcase? It’s simple and you can search... see more

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Looking for a desk or office job .... 3 years of clerical in office and on the floor... 2 years of data entry .....

Hey Aaliyah Ballard , do you have an updated resume? The Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare has an immediate Data... see more

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Hello everyone!
I am currently searching for an immediate clerical opening in the Phoenix area. My previous position was full time at $19/hr. I am searching for something comparable to that in preferably Mesa, Gilbert, Tempe, Chandler or Scottsdale. Please help a girl out if you know of anything! God Bless.
#help #phoenix #arizona #tempe #OfficeAssistant #AdministrativeAssistant #fulltime #permanent #mesa #scottsdale #chandler #jobsearch #sos #... see more

Hi McKenna Everett - what kind of jobs are you looking for? Knowing that can help us send you better... see more

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Matt Bornhorst Thank you! I've been using the tools available to me with no luck yet. Hoping that will change soon... see more

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I've applied for hundreds of positions, from office administration to retail. Most of my applications were rejected, ignored, or claimed to be already filled or canceled.

I know there are others who go years without finding work and it's only been nine months since I started job hunting, but I cannot take this anymore. I cannot take these recruiters ignoring me, calling me and claiming they can offer me a job only to never call me again. I... see more

Hi Angelica Hoskins ! If you have found that you are not hearing back from jobs or landing interviews the problem... see more

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This is part of a response I posted to someone else that posted on Jobcase. Im posting it here too...

Though I am on unemployment, it is about to run out. I dont know how many job applications and resumes Ive sent out, I still have yet to be offered a job. Im always told that though my experience is impressive, Im not what they are looking for. I did graduate from high school but do not have a degree. I have experience in Administrative... see more

Well I know State farm is hiring I just got on at Eastside medical I actually put in for a housekeeper position and... see more

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Jacqueline DeLain but how many of those companies are in Alaska and hiring..

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I have been working as an office assistant for 8yrs now, I am feeling like doing something different. Do I have to go back to school to study? Please advice

It Depends on what you are interested in doing and on what skills you have and or may need or want to have for the... see more

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Make you apply for a job you enjoy your days will be much more rewarding

Thanks for sharing your experience with us Diane Hayes !

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