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At my last nursing job I usually stayed over an hour or so to finish my work off the clock

Most nursing jobs in long term care facilities don't allow enough time for the nurse to properly do their job, so you have to make a decision on who will get short-changed - the nurse or the patients. If you make the right choice, even though it may be the hard way, you can sleep well at night and others will respect you for it. And if you make the wrong choices even though one might think they are good at covering it up, others will know...

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Marsha Ford
2 days ago

I agree with you 200 percent. I work in nursing and it's always stressful and busy like that. There is never enough time to...

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Registered Nurse, Team Manager

I am looking for an RN case manager position within an insurance company. How do I go about getting a position such as this.

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Erin Heard > All Jobcasers
27 days ago

Erin heard nurse

Workplace bullying should be illegal in all states and companies should be fined for allowing this behavior

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Tricia Hendrix
5 days ago

Hi Erin! I agree, that behavior is abhorrent! Has this happened to you?

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Over educated??

I seem to be in a position where finding another Nursing position closer to home is near to impossible! I am one semester away from finishing my MSN in Nursing Leadership, I have years of experience in the peri-operative department, but no one is looking at my resume! Am I over qualified...should I dumb down my resume? I just want to work closer to my home and not drive 2.5 hours a day. Any suggestions would be welcome.

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Brenda McNair
5 days ago

Yes, dont add the fact that you are working on your MSN, they feel you won't stay very long. You could also look for work in...

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5 days ago

Good tip! I took that part off. Thanks for your suggestion Brenda.

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Eric Mcadams > All Jobcasers
29 days ago


How often will I be receiving notifications

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Janice Reed
5 days ago

Hi Eric! [This support...

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How can I become a dialysis nurse ?

I’m looking to become a dialysis nurse

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I love work with older people, help them with daily care, I’m patience and compassionate person

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Lpn nurse

I'm looking for 1 person to help. Private duty

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Deborah El-Platt > All Jobcasers
Edited about 2 months ago

Feeling discouraged

I have been job searching since May 2017. I'm registered nurse with over 25 years of experience, the past 15 being in insurance claims review. I have applied to numerous jobs and have had only 3 interviews. I am sure that being away from direct patient care has been a large factor regarding my ability to be hired.And yet, its hard for me not yo discount the possibility of ageism playing a role as well. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever...

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Tieara Layson
21 days ago

Praying things work out for you keep your head up God gone make a way..

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Anyone know of nurse jobs that pay daily or weekly in corpus Christi tx?

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