Trying to find a job that can apply my skills

Last year I became a licensed Medical Assistant. I’m already licensed CNA, have been trained long time ago for Vet Tech. Hard to find a job as MA because people would like someone with experience. I don’t like going back to CNA. I like working with people, going places. I would like to be a private Assistant for a business person. I have found a need for that job in Mobile, Alabama. Which way do I go ?

Is there a way to gain experience in the role that interests you? What about any connections from when you were a CNA? Carman

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'Tips from Todd'- How do I prepare for a face to face interview?

Hello Jobcasers! Ok, let's talk about what we all want- the face to face interview!

I will walk you through how I have 'prepped' candidates for 20 years fo a f2f interview. Please forgive any misspelling etc.. I'm a Recruiter, not a writer. Second, join my group! Ask a Senior Recruiter anything! No question is dumb and I answer all questions. I'm not seeking a job- I am seeking to give back and help! Try me.

So, you are going to your f2f (face…

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I'm back in the field of looking for employment after 6yrs of being out of work (disability) I'm in the need to find work in the…

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Changed careers by accident.

I took a friend to an interview and walked out with a job.

I have been a CNA for years. Health-care takes alot out of you. I had been looking to change. I am 50 and a stroke survivor. I have a iffy memory so I have been reluctant to go back to school... plus is it really vital at this age?

I am now Room Inspection Shift Supervisor. the pay is decent because I can do this full time and get OT. I could not work as a CNA full time.

It is to…

This is a nice story. I wish employers cared to advance and use their Human Resources more efficiently and effectively so people…

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What I loved about working at #AmericanNursingCare was

My Job Coordinater was Karen Dixon and she was considerate and a very loving person! I loved working with her... Stayed with them so long because of her!

That's great to hear April Smith ! Having a strong sense of support at work even just from one person can make all the difference

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having trouble getting job

I moved to Virginia and have applied to several jobs I am a nurse and have a compact multi state license and have applied for Virginia license which can take up to 30 days to process but according to Virginia board of nursing I can work with my multi state compact license it is getting frustrating I have no marks on my license

Hi eileen knight make sure to follow up after you apply! How is your resume? To avoid being passed over, utilize keywords in your…

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RN to BSN Career

RN to BSN Work: Work for RN to BSN graduates is often administrative in nature. Nursing managers do not have much patient contact, and are often responsible for managing all aspects of a nursing staff. This can include scheduling nursing rotations, insuring adequate medical supplies, ongoing training of the nursing staff, and a smooth interaction of the nursing staff with the rest of the medical personnel.

RN to BSN Skills: RNs who want to…


Need a job.dont know I will get a intervew?

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New Job Opportunities for Hospice Field Admissions Nurses in New York

Post date: June 21, 2019
Job Title: Hospice Field Admissions Nurse, FT
Job Locations Available: Manhattan, Bronx or Brooklyn NY

Application links:
Manhattan NY:
Bronx NY:
Brooklyn NY :

In this field position you will perform initial physical and psychosocial assessments of potential hospice patients in order to develop individualized plans of care, goals, and make…

Thank you for sharing this opportunity Debra Christal !

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Malcolm Ogden absolutely, Malcolm!

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Nurse midwife

Hello ! May I find a job ,I m.nurse midwife I studied in Haiti . I have more than five years experience. Can I apply?

Hi Ketna Jean Charles ,

Have you tried using the job search tool here on Jobcase?

Just follow these steps!

1. Click on Jobs &amp…

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The begining

Start orientation this week, however im a bit skeptical on the outcome of this job. Being a cna requires so much of myself i have to remember to save a lil for myself. It would be a bummer to get myself excited over something temporary so all i can do is hope for the best. Is this the begining?

It very well could be the beginning shakeisha saunders ! Do everything you can do to succeed, as even if it doesn't turn out to be…

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Sometimes you have to change the path you are on!

I am a hard worker, and I love people, I have earned allot of money working for myself. Life changed, my boys grew into men, my husbands health went down hill and our family business came to a screeching halt. Jobs in town were becoming scarce, but I had worked in psychiatric hospitals before, and held my CNA. I adored the clients, and the majority of the staff, but I met my very first Narcissistic boss, I really don't know how I managed 11 years…

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I can hear the hurt, pain, betrayal & disappointment. I completely understand what you went through. I went through that with a…

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Nurse Practitioner - GYN /Oncology - Baltimore, MD

If you're an NP in the Baltimore area looking for a new job, take note of this opportunity for Nurse Practitioner, with specialization in Gyn-Oncology. Apply via via @relodehealth.

Job Description

Under limited supervision, you will perform standard and complex Neuro-diagnostic procedures.
The Nurse Practitioner works in collaboration with the physician and nursing team to provide continuous, quality care of…

Thank you so much for sharing this opportunity Debra Christal !

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Ashley Wilson my pleasure!

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