Hello community, the more time I spend around the topic of ageism the more, frustrated, disheartened and even angered I get. My passion on Jobcase is sharing any discoveries, tips, and strategies I use personally or come across so we can all take individual action toward personal success, however, I can't help but think we have to do something more.

Here is what I know: I know for sure the Jobcase staff is fully aware of this issue and actively... see more

Use some of the things that you have been doing since you have been out of work and transfer them as workable... see more

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I had a job interview on May 11th and it went great. That Monday morning I got an email stating that I had been selected to move forward in the hiring process. I really hope and pray that I get the job. #newcity #newopportunity


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Worked as a Spotter Driver for 10 months at MillerCoors in Trenton, Ohio through LeSaint Logistics. Looking for new opportunity in same field.

Hi Rinaldo: Thanks for posting to Jobcase! I found a bunch of Class A CDL driver job positions near you. Click... see more

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