Yay! Thank the good Lord!

I was just recently hired! I'm so happy and relieved I nearly cried when they hired me after my interview. It's been a rough 6 months. I've been living off dog sitting for my neighbors and doing housework for my parents. I never thought I'd work for a sporting company. I've always been the nerdy bookworm, but I'm so thankful to Nascar! Please pray that the job I've gotten works out well. I have a 60 day probation period and I'm worried about my…

Congratulations Courtney Shands ! I wouldn't worry too much about the probationary period, just try your best and focus on the…

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Laila Nashat Thank you!

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Career-Switching Tips

Career switching is becoming a choice for many different people for a number of different reasons. For some, it is because they have been in the same career for most of their professional life and they are bored or find that they are stagnant and have no where to grown any further; they are at a dead end. Others may find that their chosen career isn't what they thought it would be and it doesn't bring them the happiness and…


Timely advice and good advice to boot. I'm in the middle of contemplating a carer shift. I think to add to the verbiage of why…

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