Hello gang!
This week was my best week so far in 2019.
I have remained steadfast, consistently self determined and cheerfully optimistic in pursuit of my employment expectations.
I let nothing stop or sidetract me from my aim.
Like a sharp shooter I stayed focused.
I battle the and freezing rain. I spent endless hours up and down Interstates and highways in Missouri.
Experienced brief spells of homelessness. Sleeping…

The mine is a terrible thing to waste. Great job!!! You pushed, you followed your heart, you never gave up on yourself. Your…

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Is't for real

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Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever give up!


Hi Janica,
I'm interested in consulting too. How did you get started?. I would love to try this!!.

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This is a part time great work from home job opportunities, Nice Job!

Will you be able to fill out payroll work from home…

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What Makes A Top Employee?

We all want to be our best when it comes to getting a job, but we have many steps for landing the perfect job. Step one a really precise all cleaned up resume. Step two a cover letter most businesses are impressed with a top notch cover letter. Step three landing a interview. Step four dress for success and step five landing your dream job good luck to the job case community with finding that perfect job.

Are you sure off this

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This is a part time great work from home job opportunities, Nice Job!

Will you be able to fill out payroll work from home…

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Helping local companies

Losing a job is hard, especially after many years. This I know well but we are not useless. I have had to rebuild myself and one valuable lesson I learned is that I was and am an expert in my field and I was able to offer this same knowledge I had already learned to other businesses and managers and make money at doing this.
Look deeper. There is probably more you can do.
It helps until you get back into your next job or you become your own boss

Thus is very true.

Often after some years of doing the same profession or performing the same skills we tend to take our talents…

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Job Freedom

Everyday we move out of our home every morning. We are always working hard but mostly everything seem nothing is easy. I notice that success have a way to achieved it. Many wants to be there own boss but mostly are afraid of the risk of not having money. Success always come with risks. Take risk leave your comfort zone, challenge yourself. What's your own thought I love to hear it.

One step at a time. One day at a time. Put the cart behind the horse and do what you know to do today. Before years end 300…

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Every Life Matters-Do not give up

Let me tell you my story. I lost just about everything a couple of years ago. I took any job. My get me by job went out of business. I thought I would never get a better job. I looked for two years during this process, and I am 51 years old and got an offer last month. Do not give up. Pray and let God know what you are thankful for and that you need an income.

I also had to do that too for a long.timie in Nashville, Tennessee. Only I was working at daily pay temp services The temp places…

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YOUR LIFE IS ABOUT TO CHANGE! (Building your...!) [IBYC]

If you want to succeed, you have to concede that two major factors affect your life:


No. #1. Life is a bundle of Chaos, if you THINK it's Chaotic.

No. #2. Life is a basket of Charms if you SAY it's Charming!

THOUGHT LIFE: Whatever you say life is, that's what your patterns of behavior imitate. Why? Because your life will eventually follow the direction of your words. (Ask any leading expert.)



Great inspiration here Edward Alexander

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Using S.T.A.R. Technique to answer tough situational questions..

I am in the process of interviewing people to fill in positions at my company. And in my field, teamwork, and the ability to think and react on the fly is crucial. I have noticed that when I ask situational questions, that it trips some people up. You know questions like Can you tell me about a time when you messed up?.

Why hiring managers ask these questions. Well these questions are designed to be a challenge, demonstrate that you know how to…

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Yes, this technique is being used by companies. Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Apple, etc except the answer in this format. It is…

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Stay Current and Positive

Life's a constant moving target and we must be able to adjust our aim. I have been in Business development for 25yrs and I was doing good making 75k plus a year and making moves to betterment the business model. Then I fell 30ft at work and Broke my neck and back and my employer did not make the right choices for me and my family and I was denied by the insurance companies about everything. Now I have been working for 35yrs of my life and I lost…

This is an awesome mindset to have after such a tragic accident Dennis Bregar ! Thank you for sharing that inspiration with the…

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Matt Bornhorst I agree encouraging and positive

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Are the most beautiful, intelligent , powerful person in the universe and if you are reading these words, remember, Something amazing is going to happen to YOU. Today

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FEAR ...False.Evidence.Appearing.Real

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