Surround yourself with people who challenge you to go higher, not anyone who pulls you down and convinces you to settle where you are.

I've always worked in a predominantly male field. They are typically MORE than happy to provide a tsunami of... see more

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Below is a calculator to determine what a 'living wage' would be in your location. Do you think this is accurate?
Jobcase believes every employer should help provide either a living wage or a pathway to it. We understand that not every job will be able to pay a living wage. But we believe employers should provide one of the following 3 cases for every job:
a) provide a living wage
b) if providing a sub-living wage, THEN provide an internal... see more

When I was much younger my parents didn't tell me to save some of my money--but I did. Then I got married and had... see more

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Roger Dickman Thank you for your replay. Your comment was right on!!

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Don't worry about your haters. God will bless you inspite of them. Nobody can curse what God has blessed.

Even though I can't fully describe how draining it is to know your worth and have to succumb to small minds in the process of being a bigger person or turning a blind eye until you're a disgruntled employee...

Believing in your skills and talents are keys to great success... no one can take that away!

thanks for your encouraging words makes perfect sense.

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What's the easiest way to stay focused?

Hi Monty! Focus I think is a very personal thing. For some, it's tapping their foot or fingers, for others it's... see more

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