What I loved about working at #MilksourceLaBelleDairyMO was

I loved working there just didn't like some co workers opinion. They just start and think they knew more and they knew nothing. I let them do it their way. And then I would have to come behind them and fix it the proper way. Just got tired of it.

I would get tired of that too Jeffrey Rich - I get that. Where do you work now? It sounds like you got pretty fed up with that.

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Current resume trends

I have been doing career coaching for many years. Just finished creating a 4 part series for people at my company that are being impacted by an acquisition and will be in the job market soon. There are a lot of resume trends people are not aware of:
1. DO Not put more than 10-15 years of work experience if you have it.
2. DO NOT put the year you graduated from any school...college or high school.
3. Do not put your birth year in your email…

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Thanks this is very helpful. I'll be more impactful on my resume. Great advise..

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A #stressful #MilksourceLaBelleDairyMO day

Running the pooptruck doing the sand separator maintenance on other equipment and not trying to miss the pens

Dang that does sound real stressful Jeffrey Rich !

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My advice to people interested in working at #MilksourceLaBelleDairyMO as a #Maintainceandgroundskeeper ...

The money is good. A lot of hard work. A lot of hours. A lot to learn and do

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the experience Jeffrey Rich !

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Drama at #MilksourceLaBelleDairyMO

I walked away from them

Why did you walk away Jeffrey Rich - and more importantly, what's in your future?

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The biggest mistake I made as a #Maintainceandgroundskeeper at #MilksourceLaBelleDairyMO ...

Let everything get to me. I was working hard and watching others do nothing


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