The camaraderie shown by my classmates when someone was sad or having a rough time dealing with something.

That's awesome Peggy Simpson - thanks for sharing that positivity with the community!

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It's a pleasure to be able to be a part of a company that trust you with their entrust at heart.

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I learned that I could make friends in many different social settings and always come away a better person through spending time with new and old friends alike.

What a great thing to take with you anywhere you go in life Peggy Simpson !!

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My least favorite thing was seeing someone get bullied. My favorite thing was having one of the biggest graduating classes in Milaca in my day. There were so many friends that I remember so well. Others that I miss because they passed away too soon.

I am sorry to hear you lost so many people you cared about Peggy Simpson !

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That you can achieve anything even if someone sets their expectations of you very high.

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