Hiring Remote Medical Coder

Change Healthcare is hiring a Remote Medial Coder in Jacksonville, Fl. Minimum job requirements are as follows:

  • CPC or CCS-P required
  • 1 year of Emergency Medicine professional coding experience
  • Minimum 1 year of production medical coding experience
  • High School Diploma or equivalent work experience

Interested applicants are encouraged to apply online for immediate employment consideration. Click here to apply online Today!

Thanks so much for sharing this remote opportunity with the group Lenin Pina ! I'm sure many people will be interested to learn…

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Do interviews freak you out?

It can feel a little difficult to prepare for an interview when you are not sure what to expect.

In this 1 minute video produced by one of our talented interns Rachel Swansburg real Jobcase employees share their interview tips with you!

Make sure to watch the video so you feel more confident and prepared before your next interview.

So tell us, did we miss anything?

What are some interview tips that have worked well for you in the past?


Ihate interviews

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Billing & Follow Up Representatives - Farmington, MI

Special Note: Jobs are now filled

Job Summary
The Billing & Follow-Up Representative reviews, researches, and processes medical claims in accordance with contracts and policies to determine the extent of liability and entitlement, as well as to adjudicate claims as appropriate.

I'm in that area. Thank you!!

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Stephanie Taylor in light of the update, hopefully you were able to get your application in before the "hold' went into effect

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Remote Medical Coder II position

Hey everyone

I was just offered a Remote Medical Coder II position with a very large healthcare system in TX... I aced the assessment and interviewed very well with the manager and team lead...

So I received the offer from HR and completed the pre hire information... I wasn't offered similarly to what I was being paid, but it is within the range and it is full time with benefits... And it has great career growth opportunities with encouraged…

Congratulations buddy!!! Yes, you deserve a vacation and celebration -- enjoy!

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Lois Martin

Thank you Lois.... and today is my birthday too...

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UPDATE ON Now Hiring! Multiple Positions in Medical Coding / Claims in Farmington, Michigan


10 positions are currently available for Billing & Follow-Up Representatives!
Applications now being accepted at: http://relode.co/Q3NJKYE.

The Billing & Follow-Up Representative reviews, researches, and processes medical claims in accordance with contracts and policies to determine the extent of liability…

Theses are great opportunity for healthcare.

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Belief in Dreams

Hey everyone

I have his hanging in my home because my home is built on such dreams... I believe that this was given to me when I was a little tike by my great grandmother... She was a wise person who believed in others and their great potential...

I try to maintain that belief in myself and to know that we are what we dream to be... I dream of being a Medical Coder with Duke Health or WakeMed and would cherish it greatly... Sometimes it is…


God blessed everyone

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Hey everyone

I just want to say that we are all champions in our respective careers... We all work hard with diligence and good heart to grow those careers...

As a medical coder seeking coding excellence and aspiring for the best... I work with and am associated with champions. I would only associate with such championship material... And such respect is most well placed... And for those Medical coders that help their fellow coders…


By the grace of God, we all are!! God bless you!!

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Thank you.... I hope to be blessed with Duke or WakeMed as a medical coder...

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I am so stressed angry. My supervisor yells at me and try to find something to harrass me about. I am a hard worker, but she acts like she hate me for a reason i am unaware of. I am a medical coder and have coded for 9 years. I started working this job early last year. She tells Hr i am not coding up to her expectations. Why am i being treated so unfair? I go home thinking about walking out or cussing this lady out, in which she is trying to…

Marcella Eady I think you're making the right decision to leave your current job and I hope you find something in a better…

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I found a job and am LOVING it

I tried very hard to find a job in my recently acquired field - medical coding - but, had absolutely no luck. Finally, after thinking good and hard I decided to follow my heart and pursued getting back into holistic medicine. I was able to find a great position with a growing company that enables me to use the knowledge I gained working in the holistic dental/medical field for the last 10 years!!!!! Don't give up, let your passions guide you.

I got a job today! I am 68 years old and thought no one wanted to hire me, but without a whole lot of effort I accepted a great…

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How can I get and entry level position in the medical field? I am a certified medical coder with no experience. What companies hires newbies? I am located in the Tomball/Houston area. Any suggestions?

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Monica, there is no easy fix but you have to sell yourself, your ideas that you are young and dedicated in what you do. Stand…

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Medical Coder ( Onsite ) - Buffalo, NY

Compensation: $41,000 yearly


Must have a minimum of 1-year professional coding work experience.
One of the following coding credentials required: RHIT, CCS, CCS-P, CPC, COC (formerly CPC-H), or CPC-P.
Ideal coding candidate has minimal E/M experience.
Billing experience is a plus.
The medical coder will be responsible for, but not limited to, reviewing provider documentation and abstracting diagnosis codes, procedure codes and…

Thanks for posting this Patricia!

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Dear Ashley,

If this position interest you please submit your credential asap. Send resume and cover letter to twaasa413@gmail.c

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