McDonald's Hiring in Illinois

McDonald's will look to add up to 14,000 workers throughout the state of Illinois
. The company is focused on diversity hiring of all ages. Please stop by the McDonald's career page and apply online today!

Is it worldwide, or for that country only?

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What Does Memorial Day Mean To You?

Memorial Day is a day full of remembering our loved ones whom we lost who have served - friends, family, fathers, sons, mothers, daughters, brothers & sisters - and on this day, we honor each and every person who made the ultimate sacrifice.

I asked some of us here at Jobcase to share what Memorial Day means to them. Here’s what they said:

Ashley: “To me, Memorial Day is a day for admiration towards those that made the ultimate sacrifice for…

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McDonald’s was not what I expected…

I recently lost a job that I really liked and I was having trouble getting anything in my area so I filled out an application at McDonald’s cause I was getting desperate and they called me in for an interview. Within just a short time I was hired.

Now I guess this is my own judgement, but I really didn’t expect it to be this much fun! My manager is a cool guy and there are a bunch of nice people I’ve met through this job so far. I especially…

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Attitude goes a long way. No matter what job it may be, temp or long term, if u walk in every day with positive vibes it will be a…

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The #1 reason I loved working for #Mcdonalds was...

Good staff members and good food and love working together as a team

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She wanted to tip me I said no

Just started at McDonald's like 3 weeks ago and so far so good. I am still in high school so I am not full time but I like my hours tho. This lady comes in all the time and last Friday she tells me how nice I am and she hands me a dollar. I told her she doesn't need to tip me and I gave it back. My co-workers said I was crazy, but I wanted to do the right thing.

You are a very honest person. That was nice of you to give it back to her. There are not many people like you out in this world…

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What I loved working at #Mcdonalds

how are everyone is nice and respectful!!!!!!!!!!

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One More Day

I have been working at McDonalds on the weekends I will be working three days a week starting this week I am very happy about


dont eat all our food..

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Got promoted

Been working at a mcdonalds like 10 minutes from my house for the past 3ish months and just found out i’m getting a raise and being promoted to shift manager because of my hard work and my manager realized how much she needed me there. I am going to be taught the procedures on customer recovery and get my ServSafe certification so this will be a good step for me just wanted to share it good luck and god bless to all

Congrats! Keep moving up that ladder!

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Thinking about switching

I been working for Taco Bell for a while but been thinking I might switch and work for McDonald's. They seem like they have better pay and more hours. What should I do?

Good luck!

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Drama at #McDonalds

a customer got upset with me because I tried parking her because the frappe machine wasn’t working and the manager was trying to fix it to make her drink. The next day it was working and I made her a frappe and she called and said I made it wrong now everytime she sees me she rolls her eyes and gives me attitude.

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