Thry said i quit

Hi my name is alex. I worked for a that makes airplane parts. I worked in shipping and receiving and was the driver. I been their 5 years now. There is 4 of us that worked in that department. Ok so this past friday Me and another employee had been getting into it all day. He lefted the forklift without gas like always and he finished the foam that we use to pack parts. So they don't move around. So I went to tell my supervisor the he had…

To hell with that.Slave days are over.
File a complaint.

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How Self-Reflection Can Help Your Career

You may think of self-reflection as more of a personal pursuit related to overall happiness and wellbeing, but being self-reflective can help you to get (and better keep) your next job.

When you reflect on your career, you can uncover some interesting truths about yourself like...

  • What motivates me?
  • Where do I want my life/career to go?
  • Do I feel satisfied with my life/career so far?
  • What kind of person/employee am I/ do I want to be?


Absolutely it is just like losing weight you always want to know where you are to see how fast you are.

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Got a job running a cold steel punch press

Congrats, Scott Morse !

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Aerospace company hiring Assemblers!

One of the largest US aerospace companies is hiring! Entry level jobs, great pay and shift differential.

Collins Aerospace is hiring now for 2nd shift (Monday - Thursday 3 pm - 1:30 am) and 3rd shift (overnights). Full time with exceptional benefits.

Because of security clearance requirements, must have US work authorization and able to clear background check and drug screen. A High School Diploma or equivalent is also required.


Thank you for posting this opportunity Christine Goodwin ! Happy Monday : )

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No renewal to my contract

I lost my job as a textile company recorder after my contract was over.I have worked for that company for almost 5 yrs

Good afternoon. Nowadays, since 10 years ago. Even federal and state employees are on contract. If you are contracted under by an…

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It is like the day i drop out from my studies because of no money for school.


I tried to to ask for forgiveness to my co-worker or customers.

My advice to people interested in working at #INYANGEINDUSTRIESLTD as a #Supportstaffinproductiondepartment ...

My advice who want to work with INYANGE INDUSTRIES LTD it is know how to use time very well, which time management is highly considered in that industries.

Inyange industries Ltd is a good industry

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What I loved working at #INYANGEINDUSTRIESLTD

I love the way they produce their products and the functions comes from their products.

Hello I just came across this job am interested

Hello I just came across this job am interested

If I get an application letter I will be very appy working with cocacola

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