Looking for a equipment operator job too

Hey William Wortman , did you see this?
Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold has a full time equipment operator job... see more

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So I got home and my garage door would not open. I parked in the driveway and my motion sensor light didn't come on letting me know my power must be down.

I walked to the front door and keyed myself in. A few steps into my home, I dropped my keys. With the lights still out, I fumbled around kicking the ground and feeling around the floor for my keys. No luck.

It was then I realized the street light was shining bright in the window. So I... see more

I need jobs

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I was a temp employee at Price Industries trying to become permanent and every station i worked in I had to clean up after myself, those were the rules. So when my supervisor wanted the temps to clean in an area we had not worked in...I refused. I asked who worked in that area and he stated my wife and I stated that she needed to be cleaning up this area. This was after i tried to file a sexual harassment complaint against a permanent employee... see more

Right or wrong, you've got to do what you're told. That was a blatant act of defiance. Your supervisor probably... see more

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Roger Dickman everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I would do it again with no regrets...thanks

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It was work.
A lot of work.
Okay opportunities if you know the right people.
15/hr for some people working there for 30+ years.
I left at 16 and it was deserved. A lot of responsibility and great bonus rewards if you do your job well.
Many pros and cons.

I went there then I went over to keystone my last job I had was at keystone RVs plant 77 and plant one


lmao you lame asl

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I loved working at Duwe metals
Bcuz we did some very nice jobs
That I really enjoyed doing....and I had a very good relation with the owner of the company.


I've filled out 100 of apps and haven't gotten anywhere, beside jobs 2hours away. I'm a clean person no drug intake have a good work history and jsut need a good factory job with weekly pay.

Hey Terentius Brunneis , are you still looking for a job? Aramark has some immediate hiring opportunities in... see more

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Feeling really down lately, my wife attempted to start a job at a nearby factory and turned out they didn't need her there, I inquired about the job myself night/day shift but they don't need anyone, been applying to different places and our time is really running out now, we've been getting help but it doesn't seem like there is much work at all around where we are and we don't necessarily have the means to travel to work. Seems like every time... see more

Hi Kyle Scoville ,

I'm so sorry to hear that things are tough right now for you and your wife. What kind of jobs... see more

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Elyssa Duncan But thank you very much for that suggestion :)

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