I was unemployed for about 5 months in 2015 and very unsure about what I wanted to do next. I was spending 50-60 hours a week researching and applying to jobs. It took a while but I found a great job and it put my career on a new trajectory.

But burnout is real even when you're unemployed and I was worn down. Here are my tips for treating yourself with kindness while you're unemployed now that I'm on the other side of it.

  1. Set daily time... see more

I'm sorry. Maybe I'm missing something here. She's looking for advice on job hunting and you post your picture?

... see more

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Deborah Gillespie We're pulling for you, Deborah! Even when you're high stung. :) Keep your head up & keep... see more

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As a career recruiter, I've dealt with a lot of systems meant to help me sort through the hundreds of applications I might receive for each job. Unfortunately, these systems can make the application process feel like a Black Hole to the job seeker. Here are some tips to get past the ATS:
- Use keywords - look at the job posting and use the exact language that's in the description, including titles & acronyms. Be true to your own experience (don't... see more

Marijoy: Thank you VERY much!

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Like many, I have been in the unfortunate situation of abruptly finding myself without a job. I don't mind telling you, in the moment, it's a completely demoralizing experience. When this did happen to me, there were a few steps I took so I could move forward productively:

1) I was gracious -- I thanked my employer for the opportunity and offered to expedited any needed transition. Why was I so nice? I don't believe in burning bridges... see more

I tried, i was right, but job was gone anyway, you don't wish to return. Just so sad, that people have no mercy to... see more

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I'm sure others have encountered the difficulty of immediately going to bed after a long day of work, especially if it's a frequent occurrence. On one hand, it can be mentally exhausting to eat, sleep, work for any extended period of time. For some it may feel like all they do is work. But there's another familiar challenge -- how to actually getting the mind to turn off so you can go to sleep!

My girlfriend and I have a few things we do, but... see more

I might watch a relaxing show or play a video game when I get home for work.

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Imagine my surprise when I received a call on a Wednesday morning that the job I had moved to a new state for just disappeared (3 days before my start date).

I accepted a job offer to join a company in Boston, MA. The opportunity was exciting, but also a leap of faith. I knew moving to Boston from New Jersey meant leaving behind friends, family, and a great employer. I knew there were risks to joining a smaller company, but thought I could... see more

Thanks for this post! Also for organizing your advice into discrete points!

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When things get stressful at work, at school, or even if you're just looking for work, it can be really tempting to just sit at the computer and keep going and going and going. You might feel guilty for not pushing harder or squeezing in more things. But I've actually found that taking a walk and getting fresh air is a great way to reset. I actually think it would be a great company program to have walk groups to make sure people aren't getting... see more

Great suggestion! Taking a walk, no matter how quick, makes me feel better.

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