I am getting so frustrated. I have been looking for a job for a year. I keep hearing, you are over qualified, or we have decided to go in a different direction. I worked for the state of Texas for 20 years, and even attempted to go back, but found them to hire a person with less than a year experience for the position. It is dishearten. You give your all and it is not enough. I have an undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice and one in... see more

Craiglist and wizard com use it

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Wanted: Positive Attitude

It all begins with your attitude. You've no doubt heard the phrase Your attitude determines your altitude. A positive attitude will not only help you to find a good job but also help you hold on to your work in a competitive market.

Many employers say a positive attitude is one of the personal traits they value most highly in their employees.

When you have a positive outlook, you work more effectively. It will give... see more


Those are not positive words in this case, you are expressing to her this advice with the feeling in it that she... see more

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I've been working as a healthcare aide for the past year I like my job but its getting to the point where they can count in me to be there but I cannot count on my correct pay on my paycheck. The client I have been working with has been more hostile than usual I go above and beyond I work every weekend 12 hrs and 2 12hr days during the week. Between the cluent being hostile and my paycheck being wrong I am sooo frustrated to the point of wanting... see more

If your pay is incorrect, bring it up to your employer. If they fire you for bringing it up it is retaliation and... see more

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So I have a situation at work and I'm not sure on how to handle it. I arrived to work 30 minutes early as usual. As I walked in I saw my coworker who I was here to take over for so he can go home. I told him I'll be in the back office and I'll be out at 11 pm which is the time I start work today. So I went to the back office and proceeded to wait and watch videos on my phone. Within 10 minutes another worker from a different program came to me... see more


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Discuss with coworker

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I cut meat for a company that had decided when we grind hamburger they want us to grind many times in a day in small amounts
And not run out and dont have any back up but if they come in after we are gone and the small packs are empty there will be hell to pay my meat manager agrees with it but he has a history of being a bully and now he is trying to be nice but it's fake if the 1 pound pigs weigh 1.06 lbs he gets pissed if it weighs .89 or even... see more

Until I don't have my sources not reach some Lady name is beyond inestgram has my source and she sad I don't know... see more

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Alright so I started a new job. It's not so bad for labor work at this new place. The only annoyance I have was me being sent off last night a time before we closed. We were to leave at around 1015 p.m. and I was expecting some hours. Turns out manager had made a call without my notice, which was to another manager of the store off clock, and they came up to let me go for the nite. Pretty random and out of sight but I listened and left when told... see more

It was managements fault for over staffing for the expected workload. They get either praised or crucified by... see more

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Looking for job in Lafayette ind

The GM is horrible! Never tell the truth about anything. And she hiring illegal immigrants. She steals from the company and blames the workers. She went on 7 vacation in less than a year! Dont work there she will black ball you in a heart beat.

I am currently seeking Remote opportunities in Product Management, Marketing, or Project Management. I am having difficulty finding roles that offer telecommuting opportunities. Any advice or suggestions?

Hi Dominique Lyn , work@home customer service roles are more popular right now but there are some marketing roles... see more

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I have worked at my retail job for 18yrs. as they raise the starting wage they do not adjust an increase in our wages. I was told they only invest in new talent, not the tenor staff. They do expect us to train all the new hires and keep our mouths shut. I have witnessed the younger management set up the older managers and then write them up for doing what they told them to do. They keep this up till they retire or quit. They want us all gone so... see more

Hi Linda Mosier

I sounds like things are a bit stressful at your current place of employment. I'm sorry to hear... see more

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Got a mssg from a place where my good motel manager recommended me... it will be 1 or 2 days a week....motel is a bit bigger than where I work now...for more money too. Can't wait....I hope this works out.

Congrats on the new opportunity!

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Jessica Gochee Thank you... I start tomorrow...6 hour shift...I'm excited..

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