The things that would have improved my job @ #C&RCleaners are

I liked working at C&R Cleaners I received a 75 cent pay raise the first month I was there because I tried my best to learn my position. The only thing that would have made my job better was that I wished I had never broken my hand. I broke it at home so it was no fault of theirs. It was just hard for me with a cast on at first but I adapted. When they took my cast off after 6 weeks I was still healing with a brace on I was just afraid I would…

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Do you still work there Tamara Cloud ?

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How satisfied are you with your job?

Some people wake up and dread their way to work..thinking about how much they are unsatisfied with their job and all the reasons why they do what they do. While others wake up everyday wishing they have a job to go thru. Kept trying but keep failing. Why is it the ones that want work can’t work? And the ones that work hated work??

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Most dissatisfaction at work isn’t the actual ‘work’ we perform, it is the people in leadership rolls. Lack of people and…

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What should I do

I am a industrial maintenance technician, and have been doing this for almost 7 years. I have been fighting myself with faceing the fact that I love what I do but my body is starting to feel the pain that comes with the job. I have recently been looking into becoming a maintenance planner and going to school to get my certification for planning. My issue is paying for it and trying to switch from being a tech to a planner. I feel like it might be…

The skill is there but the body needs a break.The educational investment is the way to go if you love this field.

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Attention Animal Lovers!

Come meet with Brookfield Zoo (Chicago Zoological Society) recruiters next Tuesday, June 18 at the Chicago Urban League CityWide job fair. FT/PT/Seasonal & Permanent job opportunities include:

  • ZooKeepers
  • Conservation Specialist
  • Guest Services
  • Food Services
  • Retail
  • Maintenance / Facilities

Interested? Click on the link below to immediately access the Brookfield Zoo career page where you can review all the current job openings. Submit an online…


What a GREAT job opportunity for someone who is an animal lover in the Chicago area : ) Thank you Nelson Franco .

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I'm very much interested in Janitorial work My name is Daishi White

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Fire sprinkler protection

Every job that they send me has nothing to do with fire sprinkler protection, I went to 4 years of school for this trade I have been doing it for 23 years , I just moved to Texas ! And it doesn’t seems like this is the right, place I should be looking.

Hi Joseph Bertrand I understand your frustration but I think I know why this is happening. I checked your profile for your work…

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What I loved working at #CapitalLandscape

I love are finishing work. The yards we did turned out to be some beautiful art work.

thanks for sharing w the community Rusty Burlington !

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What I loved working at #CuttingEdgeLawnService

Great people to work for it just wasn't steady work

thanks for sharing your review with the community! Brandie Rose

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What I loved about working at #D&hpaving was

I love my job I work with amazing people all the higher up people are great. You feel like you have a belonging at this work place it's amazing to know that your boss cares

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Drama at #Sherwood

I felt unsafe so i said this is stupid and my supervisor left came back with a paper said hes written me up . I said ok i can take responsibility for my own actions and i signed the paper !

A #stressful #Sherwood day

When im pushing myself to hurry to complete as many tasks i can in one day .

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