I gave great advice to a technician who's vehicle was unorganized and that if he cleaned it and organized his parts and inventory, he would be more efficient in his daily service jobs.

If you think you nailed that interview or the recruiter said, Keep in touch, don't just sit and wait for the phone to ring with a job offer. Instead, be proactive. There are things you should do after a job interview that can increase the odds of getting a second interview or landing a job offer.

Learn the best way to follow up after a job interview. Following-up after a job interview is one of the smartest things you can do to help get you... see more

Thank you for this video. I was always unsure of following up after the interview. I appreciate you’re ideas and... see more

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Great boss great co workers and great working environment

Great people who cares a lot about the workers and families will help you in anyway

Looking for work

Hey Richard Woodward , do you have a professional resume that clearly outlines your Maintenance work history and... see more

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If you’re looking for complete disfunction and zero support from the maintenance management staff or operations management this is the place for you. Be prepared to be yelled at almost daily for doing your job as instructed with no support or backbone in your chain of command to stop the culture of harassment and micromanagement of production managers/supervisors.

I would say right when the zero turn lost traction and flipped right on top of my legs. When my Doctor ordered me to take a week off to heal. And ur Manager slashed owner tells you that your FIRED not even 3 days from getting injured on his mower and on his time and know one supporting me on my bills.

It gave me chance to prove to the community that im here to meet all there needs and beable to enjoy there smiles. It felt good to make the community happy nd stress free from worrying that they had to get up on there day off nd cut their yard.

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